Pests of Apple trees and their control

Pests of Apple trees

To eat like apples and insects. But they harm the tree, which affects productivity.

Preventive actions are carried out on time, protect you from this scourge, but not completely. To carry out pest management of Apple trees, you must get to know them.

Pests of Apple trees

 Apple Sawfly

This harmful specie refers to Hymenoptera insects. Sawyer grows up to 7 mm and have a yellowish-brown color.

The larvae, which are pests of Apple lays in the summer, yellow and reach a length of 11 mm. the larvae feed on the leaves, gnawing them completely. Do not miss they and fruit, vypilivaya the pulp passes to get to the core.

To prevent an infestation of sawflies, the soil under the tree, you should dig every fall. Last year, you must prepare for a «war» for next year: if there were a lot of caterpillars, in early spring, you need to conduct extensive processing of wood with insecticides.

Green aphids

This microscopic pest of Apple lightning causes great harm. And all because of that attack numerous plant colonies. Green beetles prefer juice ovaries and young leaves. Therefore, the scattering of this «locust» can be seen on trees before Bud break.

Of chemicals in pest control recommend the use of «Was». But can be actively applied and folk remedies: a decoction of chamomile, dandelion, tomato tops.

Aphids covered with the bark of Apple trees better with tree shoot, a naked barrel gloss over garden pitch. Sometimes gardeners arrange «hunting» the green pest «sending him another insect – the ladybug.

Apple pollen beetle

Although this pest is called the tree of the pollen beetle, but he does not deny myself the pleasure of eating kidneys. Dark brown wings of the beetle are covered with yellow ornament. The female blossom weevil makes laying in the flower Bud of Apple.

Small plump larvae pale yellow to completely eat away the stamens and pistils, greatly reducing, thus, the harvest of apples.

pests of Apple trees

To deal with the pest possible solution of slaked lime (in a bucket of water 2 kg). In the fight against these insects as possible, by the way, is saying about the early bird.

At dawn until the bugs are sleeping, the Apple tree needs a good shake to pests crumbled to the ground. Around the Apple tree spread a tent, smeared with glue or even vegetable oil.

Leaf rollers

Butterfly beige-brown color and has long antennae unusual orientation. They don’t stick out forward, like a butterfly, and laid back along the wings. This pest of the Apple tree belongs to the category of the most dangerous.

Leafroller larvae grow in large voracious dark caterpillars, which destroy the buds and leaves.

Before Bud break to combat pest of Apple trees sprayed with a solution of machine oil (in a bucket of water 60 g oil). When revealed the kidneys, they should be treated with Malathion. If leaf rollers have managed to lay their larvae, they can fight tobacco leaf (or its dust), spreading 400 g in a bucket of water.

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