Pests and diseases of gooseberries

diseases of gooseberries

Unfortunately, the plants are susceptible to various diseases.

Gooseberries are no exception. Consider the most common of them.

Very common American powdery mildew.

In addition to the gooseberry of this disease, affected and currants. The fungus attacks all parts of the plant. Looks like a powdery coating, hence the name of the disease. Usually occurs in early summer, sometimes in the middle.

For this disease gooseberry is characterized by Curling of leaves and drying, and subsequently, they fall off along with the berries. If you do not take any action, the gooseberries will die in about two years.

It should be noted that favorable conditions for the growth of the fungus is excessive moisture, density of landing of shrubs, as well as the terrace part of the site.

In hot and dry weather, disease development slows. To exclude the disease powdery mildew it is best to choose varieties that are resistant to the fungus.

If the gooseberries are still ill, it is necessary to constantly remove the affected part of the plant and carry out preventive inspection of all bushes.

Do not forget about the treatment with a special solution. Another disease of the gooseberry, in the form of a fungus called Anthracnose.

The disease affects the leaves of gooseberry. First appear brown spots, then the leaves curl, wither and fall away. The fungus negatively affects the fruit.

Berries become less tasty young shoots are almost there. Must get rid of the fungus. For soil and plants perfect copper sulphate.

A fairly common spider mite pest. It affects a large number of plants and causes problems for gardeners.

Except that it sucks the SAP from the leaves, it is a carrier of the so-called Terry gooseberry.

The virus affects the flowers of the plant, they change color and become purple. Then there is the doubleness.

Together this leads to the suspension of plant development and leaf fall. Another pest is the Bud mite. There is damage to the kidneys gooseberry.

They swell, but do not bloom at the proper time and dry. Mosaic gooseberry characterized by its pattern of yellow color on the veins of leaves.

Over time, they become small and wrinkled. The Bush is not growing and not fruiting. Unfortunately, this viral disease is almost impossible to cure.

Therefore, the gooseberry must be uprooted and burned. Carries this disease is aphids. To avoid illnesses, you need to take the necessary measures and to monitor the condition of your plants.

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