Pest of cucumbers

pests of cucumbers

Cucumber is an annual herbaceous plant of the Cucurbitaceae family.

Like many other vegetable crops has many enemies among the insect pests, which suck juice from the leaves and stems, and damage of fruits and seeds.

The most common cucumber pests are: root-knot nematode, aphids, spider mites, cucumber mosquito, slugs and rodents.

Root-knot nematode is a common pest of cucumbers especially in greenhouses and greenhouses. It is round worms with a length of 1.5 mm, which damage the root system and damage the leaf tissue, sucking the juice.

Immediately to find them quite difficult, but if you grow cucumbers in one place for a few years and not to carry out prophylaxis of pest control, for a few seasons, you can grow an entire Armada of nematodes. In the end you will have a few hundred pieces on the same plant.

«Thanks» to the root-knot nematode plants are not able to develop normally, and some die. The yield is significantly reduced.

To prevent undesired developments, it is necessary to take preventive measures. Follow a crop rotation of summer crops, use only clean garden tools and make sure you take in the greenhouse, replacement of topsoil. Aphids are insects with a length of up to 2 mm that appear on cucumber bed in July — August. Sucking pest that feeds on plant SAP.

If aphids settled on the cucumber, after some time, start to curl the leaves, and the ovary and the flowers fall off. How to deal with aphids can be found by clicking the link. Very effective tincture of tobacco or of tobacco.

In 10 liters of water stir 400g. mix and insist 2 hours, then filtered and added 40g. soap.

Spider mites on cucumbers was met by almost all gardeners. Especially if vegetables are grown under the film. Pests are fixed on the bottom of the sheet, and also as the aphid sucks plant SAP.

To deal with this pest need help with spraying. You can buy in the store ready solution or make it yourself by resorting to folk methods.

The leaves of the dandelion insist 2 hours at t 40°C. the rate of 400 g per 10 liters of water after straining add 40g. soap.

Cucumber Midge is another pest of cucumbers, which are almost invisible on the background of soil and has

Pest of cucumbers

small size only 3-5mm.

The female Midge lays eggs in the ground, and the larvae hatched from them with pleasure destroy the future harvest.

To combat the pest, it is crucial to loosen the soil, remove plant remains and a few days before planting in a bed of cucumber preferably treated with actellic 2 l 10m.kV.

How to deal with slugs, you can read in this article.

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