Pest control folk remedies

Pest control folk remedies

Pest plants in the suburban areas is conducted annually.

However, many growers apply pesticides, forgetting that the poison, though not in large numbers, but gets into our body together with vegetables and fruit.

On the other hand left without the protection of plants is also impossible, because this can lead to reduction or loss of crops.

But there is a solution, we need only recall folk remedies, with which our grandmothers successfully fought the pests and diseases of cultural plants. Moreover, the assistants are growing in our garden.

Pest control folk remedies

Garlic — almost the most universal tool in the fight against diseases and pests. The infusion of garlic will help to protect potatoes and tomatoes against blight.

To do this, 50g of garlic twisted (arrows) to dissolve in 1 l of water, 2-3 hours can be treated the bushes. In the case of tomatoes, this procedure is carried out after pinching.

For getting rid of ants is possible in places of their accumulation and paved the way for the move to put the peeled and chopped pieces of garlic. His «fragrance» will cause them to leave the area.

Onion is also often used in pest control. To protect cabbage and cucumbers from slugs, it can be planted along the perimeter of the landings.

And if you put onions in the garden between the vegetable crops, it will be possible to forget about a lot of unwanted insects that lay their eggs on the leaves.

Often as folk remedies were used, and onion skins. It was added in each hole when planting potatoes, so was able to destroy the soil pathogens. Colorado potato beetle, also does not like the smell of onions.

If peppers and tomatoes treated with a tincture of onion peel, it will be possible to forget about aphids and spider mites.

To prepare, pour half a bucket of onion peel with warm water (65-70°C). After a day, strain and dilute with water 2 times.

If to this solution add a few cloves of garlic and spray the fruit trees, Apple fruit moth and Apple Sawfly does not want to settle in your garden.

Against many leaf-eating garden pests (aphids, sucker, scale insects), will help infusions of dandelion. Up to 10l. of water add 300g of chopped weeds and insist 3 hours. All folk remedy ready.

To get rid of nematodes will help marigolds that you can plant to clean the soil. The following year, in the place it is possible to plant strawberries.

Legumes with great success scare the wireworm, moles, grubs of click beetles.

In the fight against pests of all folk remedies are good, even the wild rosemary, which our ancestors were fumigated space getting rid of flies, bedbugs and fleas

Pest control folk remedies

will help to get rid of mice, if sprigs of the plant to spread out places of navedyvayas animals.

In fact, the people’s recipes much more that will help in the fight against diseases and pests and many of them grow under our feet. They just need to use properly.

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