Perroni in landscape design in the suburban area


Any cottager is trying to make his land every year more and more beautiful.

It pushes us to find new solutions in landscape design to please yourself, your family and impress the neighbors.

As a new solution, you can select a design, which has already conquered many countries, including Russia.

It persony, whose manufacture does not require serious financial investments, and setting them to almost any gardener.

Perroni in landscape design

Perroni – lattice steel basket made of galvanized wire. They can be of different designs and forms, stationary and portable. After installation, the cavity is filled with a variety of fillings.

If persony will be used as a country fence, the filling is good to use stone, broken bricks, or cut down trees and branches, and to fill each section better to use a different material.

For example, using colored gravel and glass, you can create quite interesting patterns. It all depends on your imagination.

The advantage of this fence is that there is no need every year to paint and to prepare the Foundation, can be placed even on the ground, concreted supporting rack. In addition, the filler if you wish, you can change at any time, thus providing a new type of fence.

Also portable perdonami you can decorate the garden and relaxation area. Of the individual elements that can be combined at any angle, fairly easy to assemble a flowerbed, garden bed or border along garden paths.

Steel lattice basket needed to strengthen niches, if your site is located on the slope, and rots after a few years, unlike wood.

If you make high baskets without filler, they can be used as a reason for vertical gardening climbing plants.

And if you collect several of these baskets in a certain figure, and to put inside the furniture, you get a nice summer house or barbecue area.

Perroni their hands


Perroni in landscape design

For the manufacture of person use galvanized steel rod with thickness of 5-8 mm, and a stainless cross-clamps. Basket width 23-25cm, and the height to 2.4 m.

The cell sizes may be different, depending on the filler.

If you buy ready-made designs from the manufacturers, qualified specialists guarantee their lifetime even in the harsh winters more than 50 years.

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