Perlage their hands


Perlage when compared with traditional country buildings – summer kitchen, gazebo or veranda, is a more simple construction, so among gardeners, this design is gaining popularity, especially in the southern regions.

Modern gardens perlage performs mainly the role as a support for climbing plants and can be used as gazebos.

To hide from the rain will help clear polycarbonate mounted on top of the beams while maintaining brightness.

Perlage may be in the form of an awning, a screen or tunnel. Perlage-tent with lattice roof can be built over a Playground or Parking lot.

Perlage-a screen well suited for creating a hedge or cover of the toilet, compost heap and other unsightly areas in the country.

Perlage tunnel can serve to move from the country house to the pergola, flower garden, greenhouse or from street gate to the porch of the home.

Perlage their hands

Despite the simplicity of the design, construction perlage requires careful planning. It can be made as a single capital structure, or a separate small portable sections which can be each a new summer season to place in different areas of the site.

When choosing the material is better to give preference to wood namely laminated veneer lumber. Perlova from this material will last long enough, glued laminated timber does not crack and eventually lose its shape.

In the construction of regular lumber, you need to ensure that it is sufficiently dried, so that later your design is not all twisted that way. Don’t forget before assembling all the wooden parts are treated with antiseptic.

To avoid direct contact of wood with soil, you need to use the metal stand. For reliability it is better to pour in the ground.

As the mounts take only stainless steel hardware to make the attachment points to avoid rusty stains. Well, the size and shape of perlage will depend on your imagination and design on the site.

Plants for perlage

Planted near perlegos plants eventually will grow strong enough, this should also be considered when designing structures so that they are not closed all the space for passage, gradually green weight will increase, so the design has to be sufficient margin of safety, hold the weight and withstand bad weather.

Perlage their hands

Perlage should not be completely absorbed by plants, its form must be read, otherwise it will look overloaded and bulky.

In this perlage even on a Sunny day will be damp and dark. The plants are prone to pest attacks and less resistant to diseases.

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