Pergola with your own hands in the country

Pergola with your own hands

Having even a small plot of land, a sin not to decorate flowerbeds: flowerbeds, borders, rock gardens.

In addition, planted hedges, which have 2 purposes – useful and decorative.

And vertical gardening is the best option to decorate miniature landscape.

And then also equip the green arbors trellis and pergolas.

The latter are mounting in the form of an arch, made of metal rods or wooden beams.

Decorative pergolas

Surrounded by climbing plants, pergolas are usually installed on the garden paths. A few such arches, standing in a row from the gate to the entrance of the house, able to decorate a narrow courtyard, and at the same time to create a nice shadow.

Pergola is an opportunity to cover a beautiful «veil» of Liana-type plants boring sheds, unsightly walls of buildings. This will balance out the overall composition of the site.

Design a decorative arch is pretty simple. Besides, pergola with your own hands erected on site, is a significant reason to be proud of their talents as a landscape gardener.

On a large plot, instead of the single arches for landscaping to install the extended pergola with lattice roof, which is based at least on four pillars-beams.

If 2 sides to sheathe more cross rails, you get a semblance of green arbours, in the shade where you can sit with friends.

A pergola can be installed directly on the ground. But thorough masters spread under it a Foundation of brick, though the building will be used not only as a decorative element, but also a place to stay.

The steps of installing a pergola

Any building begins with the installation of support elements. Or you’ll just put the usual single arch, or pergola will bring the gazebo, the support poles must be securely mounted. Consider oblong green canopy over the yard.

  • The first stage determined the place of installation of steel I-beams (both sides of the alley), and there is a swarm of small holes. Mount supports can be done in different ways: bury them in the ground and cement; prefabricated formwork install «glide» and to mount the beam to them.

The second option is more convenient. The formwork is not difficult to do if you use to form the tin without a bottom. When the grout hardens completely, in the center of the formwork is fixed «bearing», in which is inserted the beam.

  • The second step is to install the cross bars. Here there are several methods of mounting:

— can bearing to the top bearing and just nailed: 1 — on center vertically, and 2 diagonally inclined;

— the boards are fastened to the supports by means of metal plates located on the sides (the outer and inner sides);

— slot connection is a time – tested method that ensures the sufficient reliability of the structure;

instead of bars you can use lighter — edged boards. They are not placed over the beams, and fastened with screws on the sides supports. This method is simpler and cheaper, and the construction becomes quite stable.

Pergola with your own hands

Beams laid horizontally on the supports, require additional amplification. That is, under them it is necessary to fix an angle of 45 ately that will «smooth out» the load.

  • The last stage of the upper crate. Rails are laid across the supporting beams and are attached thereto by any convenient method.

When a pergola with your own hands is to be constructed, you can begin to decorate – choice of plants for vertical landscaping and planting along the sides of the arcade.

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