Perennial garden

perennial garden

Continuing the theme of «Perennial garden», you can start to read the article «Garden flowers perennials in the country», where they talked about large flowers, height 1.5-2 meters.

Here I will describe in more detail about short spring, summer and autumn, and the next time will tell about the secrets of planting and care.

Perennial garden

Perennial flowers, the owners of his favorite cottages given more preference than annual species because, once planted and creating a cozy corner, you for a few years to forget about new plantings, requires only minimal maintenance.

Although there is one drawback, garden perennials bloom for only up to 3 weeks. Therefore, choosing species and varieties when creating a flowerbed, it is important to use plants so that new blossoming buds, covered wither instances.

Open the holiday season, the first signs of spring: forget-me-nots, crocuses, primroses, Muscari. These garden perennials, delight in its beauty, while others only come alive and gain the green mass.

Later, the primroses joins gentle Pulsatilla, to many gardeners it is known as the sleep-grass. All of these low-growing flowers, and it is only right if you put them on the edges of the flower bed.

After reveals a basket of yellow flowers from the family garden a perennial yellow Daisy (doronikum East). It covers the bed until the end of April, when they are replaced by luxurious tulips.

Also in early may, the flower beds covered with white Arabian Caucasian. This low garden perennial, unpretentious and has a great feature to grow.

Arabis is an excellent choice for the decoration of the border. Even for the spring primroses of the second wave include: daisies, lilies, pansies, irises, daffodils, hyacinth, Imperial fritillary, and a transitional look from spring to summer perennials have the luxury peony flowers that bloom in early June.

For the summer period to design flower beds, it is desirable to select delivety, these plants are able to bloom almost all summer, due to the ability of the second flowering.

Choice for garden perennials for the summer great, all colors are good in their own way: kotovka, chamomile, geranium, daylilies, several varieties of roses, evening primrose, sage Asherah, lupine, delphinium, Erigeron.

Many of them, after first flowering trim and feed, it will be possible to enjoy the beauty and wonderful aroma again.

On change of summer perennials come no less beautiful autumn flowers: chrysanthemums, coreopsis, asters, sedums, helenium, and various ornamental grasses that are deep autumn colors, giving a special attraction the flower bed or flower garden with your favorite cottage.

The special beauty and attractiveness of the garden will last until late autumn.

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