Pepper cultivation in the open ground

Pepper cultivation in the open ground

The pepper grown in the open ground is not so difficult, if we consider all agricultural practices.

The bright colors of the peppers make any table festive.

Juiciness, taste and a variety of vitamins make this product an indispensable.

The sowing of pepper seedsHigh yield depends on the quality of planting material. Seeds begin to be planted in February. This early sowing of seeds of pepper will give the opportunity in may plant the seedlings into the garden.

The seeds should be planted in individual pots, as the pepper does not tolerate the picks. The roots of long pepper are developing, so it is better to use small pots.

Pre-seed material to withstand five hours the water so that they swelled. The temperature must be 50 degrees.

After this, the seeds of the pepper to shift in a damp cloth for prokleivanija for about three days. At this time, the temperature should not fall below 20 degrees.

Sprouted seeds are planted in pots, watered and covered with a transparent film or glass. The pots can stand up to germination, both in light and in dark.

As soon as the sprouts need to raise the temperature of 26 to 28 degrees, and at night do not drop below 10.

Seedlings of pepper does not like frequent watering, but cannot tolerate drying of the soil. The water is mostly warm. Also seedlings often need to spray and protect from drafts.

As soon as the first pair of true leaves, the peppers should be fertilized ammonium nitrate 0.5 g, 1 g potash, and superphosphate 3 gr. Everything is stirred into one liter of water. Next feeding in a couple of weeks, with the dose doubled.

The whole month of February for seedlings need good lighting from 7.00 to 21.00 h

Seedlings, before it gets to the area in the open ground should be hardened. The pots can be taken outside and each time increase the time spent in the open air.

Detrimental to pepper seedlings temperature below 13 degrees.

Planting peppers in the open ground

A place for the cultivation of pepper should be bright and good predecessors are carrots, pumpkin, onion, zucchini, cucumbers and cabbage.

The soil is light and fertilized with organic fertilizer. Autumn in advance to make phosphate and potash fertilizer, and the spring is enough to make ammonium nitrate.

Also, a few days before planting peppers, the soil must be decontaminated (2 tsp sulphate in a bucket of water).

Planted on the site from the end of may to mid-June. When ordering diagram 400×400 mm

The root collar should be open, the roots are well recessed. Each variety of pepper should be planted

Pepper cultivation in the open ground

separately below grade did not periapicales.

Pepper cultivation

Plants need to be tied up, watering, weeding and fertilizing.

You also need pepper pasynkovat (to remove side shoots).

This is best done in hot weather. The frequency of watering can be reduced — every Bush to collect straw.

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