Pepper cultivation in greenhouse

Pepper cultivation in greenhouse

Pepper refers to the culture that is grown in the open ground in a few regions.

But it develops throughout the year in closed greenhouses.

Especially pepper, which is very demanding on the temperature.

Sowing chilli seeds

Pepper seeds for planting in the ground is recommended to withstand the manganese in solution 20 minutes, rinse with clean water and dried. Germinate better in the gauze bag.

But as the time of the landing of pepper — for the development of the greenhouse does not matter. Importantly, from the time of sowing seeds to transplanting seedlings to a permanent place took 2 months.

Pepper seeds are sown directly or in pots or seedling boxes, which later bikeroutes in pots at emergence of the first leaves.

Soil mix for growing pepper in the greenhouse

For planting pepper choose a neutral soil, enriched with humus. The same seeds are sown in a mixture of garden soil and compost.

After the pick in the pot, you can add the nutrient mixture, which would be peat, sawdust, loam.

The modes of cultivation

Growing peppers in a greenhouse allows you to create the necessary conditions for the normal development of culture. This will depend on the fortress the bushes and their fertility.

The temperature regime. Peppers are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Therefore, at each stage of development should maintain the optimal heat.

While the seeds are in the ground, in the greenhouse the temperature should be within +22-28°C. once the seedlings have sprouted, the temperature for a few days reduced to +12°. Then again rises to +22°C to +14°C at night.

Lighting. Pepper loves a large amount of light. Therefore, it is necessary to provide in the greenhouse with sufficient sun exposure. And when you want to apply a lighting – in winter and on cloudy days.

Humidity. It must be very high, due to the lack of moisture will not only decrease the yield of pepper, but will deteriorate the quality of the fruit.

It is especially important to sustain the regime during flowering of pepper. In the heating season the plants should also be sprayed.

High humidity prerequisite – a well-ventilated greenhouse (without drafts).

Pepper cultivation in greenhouse

Fertilization of pepper in the greenhouseto Feed the peppers should begin at the stage of development of seedlings: in phase 3 of the leaf and in the phase of the 5th.

After flowering you should fertilize every ten days.

The mineral mixture should contain nitrogen-potash fertilizers with a considerable admixture of superphosphate.

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