Peperomiya — care at home


Peperomiya – one of evergreen perennial plants that belong to the family Pertseva, which is considered the birthplace of tropical America and India.

In nature, this plant can be found on tree trunks or moss litter in tropical forests.

The stalk is fleshy, erect, often creeping.

The leaves are arranged on stems so close that resembles a rosette. Rhizome creeping or tuberous.

The leaves, like the stem, fleshy, thanks to well-developed aquiferous tissue, they are able to keep in their cells a large enough amount of water.

This plant can be deep green, Golden, silver-striped, brown or olive leaves. Their shape may also be different from each other: fleshy and wrinkled, smooth and velvety, rounded, cordate or lanceolate.

Peperomiya in the home — care tips


Location and lighting

To avoid wilting the leaves, the plant must be placed in those places where it is not exposed to direct rays of the sun, as a rule, East and West Windows.

If you still peperomiyu placed in the South room, it is necessary to make a shade or to place in the depths of space.


Peperomiyu in the home need to be kept warm all year round. In spring and summer for her, the most optimum temperature 20 to 22°C in autumn and winter 18 to 22°C in any case we cannot let the temperature fall below 16°C.

The plant is not desirable to make the street as it can not tolerate drafts. In addition, you must monitor the temperature of the substrate, it should be in the range of 17-20°C.

Watering and humidity

Plants in the home requires regular watering in summer, it is moderate in winter as needed (once thoroughly dried earth).

It is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the soil, it should not be dry, but excessive humidity, to anything. When wetting the flower quickly begins to rot, can also be stained.


For feeding peperomii use complex mineral fertilizer. Fertilize the plant all year round, with different is only their frequency: in summer, every 14 days in winter once a month.

Transplantation and propagation peperomii

Transplanting is carried out in two years, or if there is a slowdown in the growth of plants and the emergence of roots from the drainage holes.

For transplantation peperomii suitable not very spacious pot, the bottom of which must be good drainage. Reproduction occurs by seed, stem and leaf cuttings and division of the Bush.

Peperomiya - care at home

Pests peperomii and fight with them

Like many houseplants, peperomiyu can affect nematode, spider mites and other pests.

To combat them, affected leaves should be cleaned with a cloth dipped in the insecticidal composition.

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