Pentas — care at home


Pentas is a genus of evergreen plants, among which there are herbaceous plants, shrubs, which belongs to the family Rubiaceae (Rubiaceae).

The homeland of these plants are considered tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and the island of Madagascar.

On the window sills grown mainly one kind of the existing 50 – «Pentas lanceolate«.

The plant is not very difficult to care for, the main thing is to observe the temperature regime of detention and hold time of the formation of bushes.

The pentas in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

This inhabitant of the tropics likes a direct hit of the sun’s rays, but that’s to accustom him to it gradually need. Best pentas at home will be «live» on the South window.

With the onset of summer pentas, it is desirable to expose to fresh air, can be withdrawn from a suburban area, and when the content in the house need frequent airing of the room.


The pentas in the spring and summer should be kept in conditions not very high temperature – around 20-25 degrees. In autumn and winter the plant needs more cool content at 10-16 degrees.

If you don’t provide the coolness of winter, the pentas can get naked and stretch out, losing its appeal.

Watering and humidity

Pentas in the warm season requires abundant watering directly after drying of the upper soil layer. In cold weather, watering is reduced, realizing it only after 2-3 days after drying of the soil.

Important moisture for pentacel. It should be at least 60%, so the plant is sprayed daily, trying not to fall on the flowers.

Fertilizer of patasa

Feeding launch in early March and finish in September. Do it 2 times a month. For these purposes, suitable fertilizer for flowering houseplants.

Transplantation and propagation

Fantasy «young age» are subject to annual transplant into a slightly larger pot, and those older every 2 years. For «senior» pentasol at home you can use the same pot for a transplant, but you have to trim the roots.

To propagate this flower room is possible by seeds or cuttings. Can be propagated by seeds all year round. For this purpose seeds are sown on top of the soil and not sprinkled on top, as their germination is going on.

The temperature is maintained at about 25 degrees. The first shoots appear after 2-3 weeks, and transplant them through 5-6 in individual pots.

Cuttings root in a mini-teplichku at a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees. Rooted cuttings about 10 days, after which the resulting pentasa planted in pots and begin to care as the older plants.

The pentas pests and fight with them

Pentas - care at home

Most often, pentas attack spider mites and scale insects. To get rid of them using appropriate insecticides.

If the plant is severely infected, destroy it, leaving the affected cuttings for growing new healthy instance.

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