Pelleya — care at home


Pelleya is a perennial herbaceous terrestrial fern.

At home it is grown as a basket plant.

It is a fern with a scaly, creeping rhizome, pinnate leaves with a length of 10-20 cm and a width of 2-4 cm.

The leaves are arranged on short stalks, in addition they are divided into segments. The leaves are rounded-oblong in shape, their surface is glossy dark green color. The edges of the segments are the Sori.

This fern is one of the members of the family sinopteridaceae, there are 80 species which are widely distributed on the American continent.

Pelleya in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Pelleya at home is not demanding to the light mode, despite that its better pritenyat from direct exposure to the sun.

Winter may require supplemental lighting (fluorescent lights installed directly above the plant). The ideal location is a window facing East or North.


Pelleya thrive at a temperature of 16-18°C. In the cold season, a short-term drop in the temperature to 14°C.

On hot summer days fern can be taken on the balcony or export to the country. This fern can tolerate drafts, so there is no need to protect it from the wind.

Watering and humidity

Summer pelley it is recommended to water at least 3 times a week, in the cold season it is desirable to reduce watering to two times a week. The main thing is to observe that the soil was always wet.

Watering only the soil, but in any case not the plant itself, otherwise it will lead to death. In addition, it is desirable to pour all the excess water from the pan.

The ferns need dry air and, of course, good ventilation. It is not necessary to spray the plant with water, excessive moisture is detrimental to him.


Pelley fertilizing starts in spring and ends in mid or late summer. Every 2 weeks the plant should be fed with liquid fertilizer for houseplants, dilute required in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

Transplantation and propagation pelley

Transplanted «button fern» as needed. For a transplant need a special formula for

Pelleya - care at home

cooking that need sod, garden and humus soil, peat, sand and a bit of chopped sphagnum.

Pelleya propagated by dividing the rhizomes or with the help of the dispute.

Pelley pests and fight with them

To hit the plant can scale to combat the insecticides.

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