Pearleaf blister mite — control measures

Gallic CLS

Pearleaf blister mite is a microscopic insect, almost invisible to the naked eye.

Mite reproduces throughout the year and gives three generations of parasites.

Despite such modest dimensions, this pest causes great damage to plants.

From garden plants, bearing fruits, gall mite prefers: Apple, pear, plum, mountain ash, viburnum, currant bushes.

Ornamental plants used for landscaping areas, may also be affected by this little pest. For example, elms, maples and lindens is an attractive target for mites.

The infection of plants by root-knot mites is manifested on the leaves. The surface of the leaf plate becomes uneven in colour and structure. Appear rounded plaques, the so-called galls, which gradually change color from natural green to dark brown.

Breaks down the process of photosynthesis, the plant does not receive nutrients in sufficient volume and begins to weaken. Subsequently laid weak kidneys, a tree or Bush grow slowly and look sick.

Pearleaf blister mite — control measures


The most common really dangerous method of dealing with gall mites is spraying acaricidal preparations (pesticides).

Processing should be carried out, protecting hand gloves, and face a special mask. This method is not suitable for people with allergies because even a few days after treatment plants there are traces of the drug.

In addition, trees and shrubs, thus treated, is bearing fruit with traces of acaricides. Vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed under running water, otherwise they will be dangerous to health.

More effective and safe way to protect and treat plants against parasites, which is gaining popularity currently is

Gallic KLS - come, borotba

injection from pests.

Do introducing the solution into the tree trunk. Correctly diluted and introduced drugs is a guarantee of the destruction of the gall mites. Such injections would need to carry out in late spring or early summer.

In this case, affected by the pest plant is able to cope with the disease and soon will be restored.

If the symptoms of the disease is massive, and the treatment has not yet been injections to prevent death of trees and shrubs at any time of the year.

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