Pear varieties – the names and description of

Sortie pears

The popularity of pears are practically not inferior to, for example, Apple or cherry.

If to speak about all existing varieties worldwide, there are more than 2 thousand.

All varieties of pears have their special taste and visible differences. Here are some of them:

The August dew. The fruits ripen in summer. A low tree, with spreading and drooping habit. Resistant to frost and various diseases, high yielding. Weight of fruit from 100 to 130 gr., green in color, have a pleasant taste. Duration maturing no more than 20 days.

Dessert rossoshanskaya. An autumn variety. It tolerates winters. A tree of moderate height, of a pyramidal form, large. The first fruits brings in 5-6 years. Weight pears 110-200 gr. color is green with a slight yellowish tinge. Pear is delicious, different resistance to scab.

Children’s. Ripening in summer. Tree overwinters well. Despite the fact that the fruit is small, only about 80 gr., they are very juicy, with high sugar content. The growth, we need pruning and crown formation at medium altitude.

Carmen. The tree is tall, early. The cold brings bad. The pyramidal shape of the crown, but narrow. Begins to bear fruit about the fourth year. Fruits of this variety of pears have a weight of about 200 gr. Form the barrel, but neat. The color is pear green with dark red or purple hue.

Space. Fruiting in the summer. Hardy. The tree is tall, but starting to bear fruit with 5 or 6 years. With one you can collect about 150 kg. Weight from 80 to 110 gr., with a pleasant taste. Storage of no more than 20 days. Not affected by fungal lesions.

Russian beauty. Fruiting autumn, but there remains a resistance to cold. The tree has sweeping crown, tall. The fruit of more than 150 gr. green color with an amber hue. The taste is pleasant.

Lada. Summer variety, perfectly brings the winter. Trees medium, fruit from the third year. Color predominantly yellow, the taste of sugar. Fruit weight about 110 gr. The main harvest in August. Store fruits no more than two weeks.

Favorite Yakovlev. Autumn Variety, resistant to cold. Spreading Tree, pyramidal, dense crown, growing quickly. The fruit yields for 6-8 hours. Fruiting in the autumn. Weight about 240 gr. the color of fully ripe fruit is yellow. Is stable to scab.

Svarnik. Sort of summer, the height of the tree average. The yield is high. It tolerates the winter. Fruiting starts from third year. The fruit is not large, the taste is sweet, with slight acidity. The color is yellow with a green tint. Can be stored no more than 10 days.

Chizhovsky. Summer variety. Hardy. Bears fruit on the second or fourth year. One tree may yield about 60 kg per year. The fruit is green with a yellow tinge. Taste sour sweet. Keep around

Pear varieties – the names and description of

one month.

Petrovskaya. The fruit of this pear varieties ripen in August. The tree has a high yield, resistance to cold, not high. The sour-sweet taste. Weight is about 130 grams. Storage is not long, only about 12 days.

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