Pear varieties for Siberia

Pear varieties for Siberia

Apparently, the pears can be classified as the most ancient of fruit crops.

References to them are found in the works of Virgil, Theophrastus, Cato.

Not forgot to mention the juicy fruit of Homer in his «Odyssey». Flashes fruit in the Bible.

Alexander the great treated pears Persian beauties. And Sumerian healers believed that the fruit of healing. Apparently, therefore, in the East, called him «a gift from the gods».

In the treatises of Pliny, there is mention of more than 40 varieties of pears. In ancient Chronicles, the source of Chinese culture, we can conclude that the well-known varieties of this fruit have been for thousands of years before our era.

With the development of the civilizations (and, consequently, trade relations), this heat-loving culture gradually spread around the world, reaching subsequently and our latitude.

In Russia and its nearest neighbors of the Soviet Union tion communal» pears are very popular.

And along with the old, long-known varieties of pears, breeders derive all of their new varieties.

The main goal is to increase the taste and juiciness of the fruit. But don’t forget the breeders and about such factor, as the resistance to adverse conditions.

Traditional pear varieties for Siberia, which in our country is called the people, are descended from wild members of a culture that has long settled in the area.

Therefore, the main drawback of these trees is poor scab resistance.

There is a reason to «refresh» garden plots grown more modern breeding varieties. Or to bring in «foreigners» from Europe and Asia.

Of course, you need to consider the ability of any one variety of pear to settle down in a new place. For example, the southern culture in Siberia will not only produce, but may simply die.

Classification of varieties

Pear varieties are divided into groups, primarily according to the time of ripening of the fruit, summer, autumn and winter. Each of the groups has its own characteristics, from trees – their demands to management.

The second category in the classification of varieties – geography of cultivation. Here stands a group 3: fruit trees for the European continent, varieties for the southern regions and pears grown specifically for the Urals and Siberia.

The last feature is their good resistance to frost.

Pear varieties for Siberia

Especially popular on the Siberian latitudes enjoyed the pear variety «Fabulous» because of the spicy-sweet flavor large, with a light «sunburn» of fruit.

At least a good taste also «gorgeous», «Permian», «Sverdlovsk Precocious» and others.

Specifically for Siberia, was placed a beautiful Golden fruit variety «Perun». Yet it is

pear varieties for Siberia

feature is a good shelf life – fresh fruits can be seen on the Christmas table Siberians.

The same frost resistance and taste can «boast» and «Kupava», «LEL», «Siberian», «Karachaevsky», «Svarog», Veselinka.

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