Pear varieties and the secrets of the great harvest

sortie pear chizhovsky

If you want to get a big crop of pears with a small plot of land, listen to the advice given in this article.

If you leave a pear on the shaded areas of the garden, they may not ripen or bring a very small harvest.

So always put this culture only in well-lit Sunny areas, where groundwater is not closer than 2 meters to the level of the surface.

Water the pear is required before and after flowering, otherwise they will lose the ovary, and you risk to remain without a crop. But if they will not have enough moisture in the ripening period, they will be fine.

Some pear varieties without cross-pollination samobesplodny, so it is advisable to have 2-3 trees with the same flowering period.

To the fruits are always large, you must do constant pruning old branches, in order not to shade the youth and give them the opportunity to bear fruit. On young trees the branches and the fruit is always much more.

Such varieties of pears as: «Moldavian early», «Plato», «yasochka», «treasure» in very severe winters can freeze the flower buds.

However the trees are then easily recovered, and the following year again fruit. But frost not only affects the choice of a good gardener.

We all look forward to each year’s harvest, so it is important to choose varieties and also fast fruit bearing.

For example,

pear - Lira

pear: «Belarusian late», «Lira», «original», «simply Maria», «Pippi», «chizhovsky» fruit at 3-4 years after planting, and the like «Bere Slutskaya», «Josephine Machelska» bring a harvest of only 9-12 on the year.

To speed up the process of fruiting of these varieties, you need to instill in them Podoli quince.

The most delicious and juicy varieties this «August dew», «Golden gate», «simply Maria», «swallow», «treasure».

A little easier the taste such varieties as «Belarusian late», «dessert Rossoshanskiy», «yasochka», «fun».

Well, quite an Amateur can be called grade «Oleksandrivka», «bere Russian», «true», «outstanding».

Scab is the most tangible enemy of pear trees. Therefore, resistance to this disease is very important for the gardener.

Are unstable to scab varieties such as «Duchess summer», «Ilinka», «Pippi», «tonchovata», and others.

More resistant to scab were varieties of «Belarusian», «simply Maria», «souvenir», «the August dew», «duhmjanyj», «harmony», «Muscovite», «Sonata».

To trees less ill, in early spring, soon as it shows pink buds, they need to be sprayed with a mixture of any insecticide.

Remove pears summer varieties for winter storage need for the week before the onset of full ripeness.

Autumn varieties shooting in September and lay in storage at a temperature slightly above zero.

Eat them only a month after removal. Then they get their real taste.

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