Pea green vegetable – the benefits and interesting facts

peas ovochevy (green)

Green peas (vegetable) growing in almost every garden in the suburban area.

Many gardeners grow this crop from the legume family solely for taste, not everyone knows that peas are a vegetable also useful.

In the fruit contains essential amino acids: methionine, arginine, etc

About 25% protein, high content of phosphorus, potassium, fatty acids and a rich list of vitamins.

Also good for human green peas, but rather the stems are an excellent manufacturer of fertilizer.

The fact that during growth on root nodules which fix atmospheric nitrogen required country cultures.

After peas and other relatives of the family of legumes in the soil is approximately 100g. mineral nitrogen on 1.m.

Peas are a vegetable, thanks to its root system, is able to obtain nutrients from deeper layers of soil, this, of course, are his neighbors vegetables.

After this crop there is a favorable environment for the cultivation of cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, garlic. Well, if these plants were the forerunners.

On one and the same place pea green plant is not recommended is better to carry out the rotation and return to its former place not earlier than 3-4 summer season.

Pea belongs to the group of cold-hardy annuals, so at t-2-6°C seeds begin to germinate. Although the optimum temperature is considered +18ºC.

For good growth you need a long light day. On heavy clay soils may suffer from excess moisture and rot during this period are not protected from fungal infections.

Early-maturing varieties of vegetable pea are 40-65 days of the vegetation period and the late – 100-120 days.

Loves neutral soil well before planting to make 250g. wood ash in 1Q.m square. Can’t stand the neighborhood with weeds, the yield falls, the fruit shrinking.

A bed for growing green peas, prepared in the fall. Is

peas ovochevy (green)

deep digging with the introduction of 5-to 6 years old humus, 30g of potassium chloride and 35 g of superphosphate on 1.m. this removes all the weeds by the roots.

In the spring before sowing, carry out deep loosening of the soil. Sowing depth of 3-5cm. After watering and rain need loosening.

Collecting the harvest, keep in mind, vegetable peas and beans can be stored for 10-12 hours, and taken out of the context no more than 3-4 hours.

Then the sugar content starts to decrease, while starch content increased. The fruits are eaten and used for conservation at the stage of technical maturity.

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