Pea cultivation in the open ground

Pea cultivation in the open ground

This culture is widespread due to the fact that growing peas is quite simple, but still to get a good harvest, you need to know certain features of cultivation of plants.

For growing peas need to choose a Sunny area, as the lack of light affects the future crop and reduces the taste properties of the fruit.

The plant can grow well in any soil, except very acidic (before planting you need to proizvestkovat).

Peas in the ground can be planted in April, when the soil contains the proper amount of water to make the seed grow.

Grain sprout at temperature +2 degrees, so when planting, the air temperature does not play a big role. The young shoots of peas are not afraid of frosts to -6 degrees.

When planting peas between rows is necessary to maintain a distance of 20 cm and between seeds 6 see

Seal the seeds need a depth of at least 4 cm, as smaller landing will lead to the fact that they will be pecked out by birds.

Growing peas lesson is not complicated, but the culture needs regular watering, otherwise the flowers and ovaries will fall off.


At the same time it is impossible to prevent stagnation of ground water, because it will lead to rotting of the roots, which grow to 1.5 m deep.

If before sowing peas, the soil was properly prepared, the additional feeding of plants is not needed. It is best to plant the peas on the ground, which was filled with organic matter under previous culture.

If apply manure directly before planting, it will cause increased growth of greenery, and the number of flowers and fruit formation is reduced.

Humus organic fertilizer can be made only when digging the soil in autumn. In the spring, if necessary, pea seedlings to flowering you can feed nitrogen.

When growing peas in the summer beds, in contrast to industrial volumes, it is possible to provide abundant watering at any time, so you can several times to sow the peas at intervals of ten days, thereby extending the time of its application fresh.

Latest times to plant peas in the late spring, as it increasingly bears fruit when a large length of a day.

Pea cultivation in the open ground

To better germinate the seeds, they need to soak for 12-16 hours and not to forget to change the water every four hours.

If the little peas, germinate best using the damp cloth.

Better in suburban area to grow peas tall varieties because they yield more crops.

Such plants require support in the form of a mesh or stakes, so the industrial cultivation in the fields such varieties of peas do not grow.

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