Pawpaw — care at home


Decorative foliage and fruit houseplant with large leaves, broad pyramidal crown and beautiful smooth bark of the family considered as.

Genus of this family combines 8 species of trees and shrubs.

The flowers of the plant are bisexual, but since they are not self-pollinated to form the fruit you must have two Bush for cross pollination.

At home growers contain asinine lobed. In natural conditions the plant looks like a tree and can reach 12 meters in height.

To maintain the house, in the container it is formed as a Bush and growth is limited by 2 meters.

Under natural conditions, photoperiod, growing slowly, although using artificial illumination, the development can be accelerated, and if daylight is to be increased to 16 hours a day, pawpaw, 3-4 months can grow up to five feet.

Care of Usiminas not difficult, the only difficulty described above, it is getting fruit.

The optimal placement on the Windows facing the West or the East, the growth of the plant, it is desirable to move to the South.

To slow the growth of capacity can be moved away from the window or make a shade. Although adult 2-year-old pawpaw is quite light.

Special requirements to the temperature the plant does not show, room +20 ° C +22 ° C quite satisfied, but in winter, the dormant period is recommended lowering the temperature to +6ºs for 2 weeks, then for 4 months +12 ºc +15 ° C. The onset of the dormant period can be determined by partial defoliation.

The soil for growing pawpaw should be fertile, light and slightly acidic (pH 5÷7). To choose a soil mixture with such requirements can be in specialized stores for flowers. Before planting the plants into the soil is desirable to add a bit of compost.

During the period of active development from spring to autumn watering pawpaw is carried out regularly, it is important to keep the ground ball was wet and did not dry up. Stagnant water should also be avoided.

In winter reduce watering to a minimum, it is important to avoid complete drying of the soil. Water is used let stand at room temperature. If the air in the apartment dry, the plant should be periodically sprayed.

Twice a month asimina fed with solutions of mineral fertilizers for flowers. Winter feeding is not carried out. If necessary, the soil in the pot loose, not too deep, not to damage the root system.

If the fruit of your plant cannot be obtained, do not despair, this can be achieved only by creating the ideal conditions for growth, and conducting proper pollination.

Pests azimio almost not bother, so usually the problems with them arise.

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