Pattacake (jerea) — care at home

Vatakara, gereja

Vutakaka (its second name – «gereja Chinese«) is a subtropical vine of the family Lactoflavin (according to other sources – Magnolia) comes from China.

It is grown in the winter garden, the greenhouse, and lately increasingly in the indoor environment.

The plant is remarkable gray pubescent leaves, and in the period of flowering – white flowers with a pink crown, collected in inflorescence in the form of an umbrella, reaching a diameter of 10 cm To Liana acquired a certain shape, it is cut or tie to the support.

Growing pattacake

 Location and lighting

Best of all, this vine to keep it on the East or West side. She loves intense but diffused light, grows well in partial shade small.


Vutakaka refers to cold tolerant indoor plants and require constant moderate or moderately low temperature in summer is about +15°C (up to +20°C in winter– +10 — 14°C, but not below 8°C.

Watering and humidity

From spring to mid-autumn watering should be regular and not very abundant, the soil should have time to dry out.

In winter reduce watering significantly, as Cerea goes into a state of rest. The soil at this time to moisturize often.

High level of humidity that creeper just sometimes it spray.


In spring and summer, feed the plant regularly, preferably every 2 weeks using mineral fertilizers. Winter feeding is stopped.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanted jerey only if it grew out of the pot. Adult plant requires infrequent – 2-3 years.

The substrate for this I take the following: sod, ground sheet, humus and peat in the proportions 1:2:1:2, you can add a small amount of sand.

Fit and versatile mixture neutral or slightly acid reaction. Vutakaka propagated by stem cuttings. The procedure is carried out in the summer.

To do this cut, separate the cuttings and remove the lower leaves, placed in water. After the appearance of roots these shoots are dug into the soil (leaf and loam mixed with sand).

Put the cuttings in small pots. After planting, they are covered with glass and placed in a lit area kept at a temperature of +25°C.

When there are good roots and stalk begins to grow, plant it in a pot and keep in partial shade, every day, sprinkling and pouring warm water.

Pests and fight with them

This vine is attacked by the same pests as most house plants (spider mites, scale insects, aphids).

Fight with them by spraying a soap solution (you can wipe the leaves with this solution) and the use of special tools.

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