Patio at the cottage with his own hands

patio at the cottage with his own hands

The idea of creating a patio is what many gardeners.

Translation of «patio» sounds like «a yard without a roof».

Earlier it was mostly built terraces or back yards for walking.

In principle, the patio at the cottage is under an open sky lounge, hard surface.

If the idea of creating a patio at the cottage with their hands still don’t leave you alone, then you need to specifically consider the purpose of its construction.

Very often the patio at the cottage is used as an outdoor room in Sunny weather, where you can relax with a book, sunbathe or just relax.

Some of the patio can be adapted to the children’s area in the country, highlighting the area for the lawn game area.

It is also good to diversify your leisure time barbecue or kebabs. Having ascertained all these points, you can determine the size of future elements of the patio at the cottage.

First, determine what area in the country where you will place the patio at the cottage with his own hands, usually the most Sunny place.

If the patio will be located near the house, it is necessary to build 10-15 centimeters below the level of the country house to the water when the heavy rains did not drain into the house.

Consider all of the parameters for the evaluation area. To have enough space for everyone, for garden furniture and still had a pass.

Before the construction of a patio at the cottage with his own hands, draw a drawing or sketch, it will allow you to calculate the amount of material.

The station, located under the tilt is better aligned by measuring the slope, slide excavation, to make retaining walls.

On the sketch, you can add steps, flower beds and flower beds. Everything that is to be included in the design of the patio.

The type of materials used will impact directly on planning a patio. Generally, you can create different design of garden and DIY design options are varied for almost every taste.

Back to the patio, to cover base well suited to: concrete, slab, brick. Concrete compared to other materials for the construction of a patio to give inexpensive, it is possible to make a platform of any shape and size.

If it is efficiently laid, the surface is durable and strong, which is very good for the decorative elements of the cover.

If the reason to use a plate of factory-produced, then their installation will be much faster, especially because they have a variety of shapes, texture and color.

This will allow you to realize any design idea. They are placed on the sand or on the concrete.

To give your patio the cottage residential appearance according to your taste, will help a variety of accessories in a wide assortment of shops.

The most essential element of outdoor patio furniture, it is advisable to take care of the table and number of chairs. Very well set up a deckchair for sunbathing.

Smooth surface patio at the cottage you can vary the flower beds, flowerpots. They should be placed so that they do not clutter up the aisle to the platform.

From the wind and prying eyes will help protect the screen of hedge, woven fence or wall from decorative blocks.

If you have built a patio on the edge of the garden, the fence can be decorated with vines or other climbing plants. To create shadows you can make the canopy.

Don’t forget to take care of the lighting, so you can use the patio at the cottage in the evening and at night.