Pansy — planting and care

Lads fit

This plant is not by chance got its name – from the core of the original petals of various shades actually looks a little peephole.

And it gives the flowers an amazing charm.

Violet Pansy refers to perennials.

Growing, with time, the root system will fill the entire flower bed (or Alpine slide), making it more juicy and colorful.

But right can disappear pansies – plant care plays a big role.

Pansy — planting

Not difficult to breed in their area (or balcony) pansies. Planting flowers is carried out in several ways. And each of them will give good results.

  • You can immediately sow the seeds in the ground in early summer. The shoots are friendly, and by the end of August it will be possible to collect seeds for planting next year.


  • But for a greater probability better to use seedling method. Seeds are sown in the greenhouse in February, and in the open ground, the developed shoots are planted in may. 2-3 weeks after the shoot you must dive seedlings.


  • Used for breeding violets pansies planting and vegetative method. Somewhere in mid-summer the Bush is cut, the cuttings that are already formed not less than 2 knots. The cuttings are immediately planted in the ground. So the roots are developed, regular watering. They also need daily spray.

With any method of planting plants in the flower bed will boat pansies who need to carry out with love.

Caring for pansies

You sow the seeds directly into the ground or use a seedling method, to show attention to Antinym eyes should always.

Start with a selection of flower beds – it should be well-lit clearing with a fertile (but not greasy) soil.

If the land is not enough nutrients, prepare the seedbed in the autumn, adding when digging in the ground complex «mineral water».

But with watering the violet will have to get used to. The plant for the development of the necessary moisture, but too much water

Lads the eye

can prove lads to death – they’ll just rot.

The lack of moisture the plant is able to move, if the drought will be short-lived. But the bushes will become faded, and the flowers on them small.

If you wish to feed the plants don’t use organic. Particularly damaging to the violet fresh manure – it just «replace» the flower garden.

Better buy in a flower shop is a universal fertilizer, which is balanced phosphorus and nitrogen-potassium components.

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