Paniculate hydrangea – planting and care

Hydrangea paniculata

In almost every garden, there are flowering shrubs.

One of the most beautiful flowering hydrangea paniculata belongs.

Quite beautiful she looks and in the autumn time of year.

Hydrangea paniculata has a lot of advantages.

Hydrangea paniculata

Hydrangea blooms profusely for a long time. In all the annual shoots, which are present on the plant’s buds are formed.

Annually the plant produces a large number of young shoots, therefore, abundant flowering can not be avoided.

Also resorting to some tricks on the same plant can have flowers of different shades.

For example, if on the one hand watering to water containing copper sulfate, the flowers on this side will have a blue tint. And if near it to bury a few nails, or even pink.

Hydrangea paniculata belong to undemanding plants. Although cultivation is not difficult, like any other plants needs care.


Paniculate hydrangea – planting and care

It lies in the fact that plants need timely watering, pruning, loosening of soil and regular fertilizing and weed control.

When choosing a place for planting this wonderful shrub, be aware that hydrangea loves the sun.

But despite this, it can grow in dark places. But then deteriorating rate of growth, and the blossoms become smaller.

Refers to hardy plants. Some varieties of hydrangea paniculata are able to withstand freezing down to -30°C. And after suffering frost it continues to make its inflorescence, though not so profusely as before.

Hydrangea paniculata universal in application. Some landscapers use shrubs during the creation of gardens in Japanese style. They all look amazing.

Hydrangea is easily propagated. It is easy to propagate using the rooting summer cuttings. This treatment is recommended in the early or mid-summer.

Is resistant against many diseases and pests. These plants are not particularly prone to pests and diseases.

Hydrangea paniculata planting and care

Despite the large number of advantages, this plant has its drawbacks.

Annual shoots are very fragile and can break under the weight of their own blossoms.

To prevent this, the plant must be properly fed and annually remove excess shoots.

Properly set hydrangea paniculata is able to decorate any garden and not only.

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