Pandora — care at home


Plant «of Pandorea jasminoides» so named because of the visual similarity of leaf shape and unforgettable aroma with Jasmine.

The representatives of this kind of luxury bloom with pink or white flowers.

Lovers of room floriculture of particular interest in plants with mixed color flowers: the perfect combination of white coat and bright pink throat.

Picture lush flowering complements the glossy pinnate dark green leaves.

Pandorea home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Place the plant in rooms with bright light, additionally, the flower needs to receive direct sunlight at least 4 hours.

Winter pandorae at home especially requires bright lighting. It is best to embed to select a windowsill on the South or East orientation.


For Pandurii best is mild temperatures. In winter, the temperature was lowered to cool, but not lowered below the level of 12°C.

Watering and humidity

On hot summer days, watering is moderate, the frequency depends on the drying of the soil. Winter doesn’t need frequent watering, just need to ensure that does not dry completely earth com.


Pandora at home in a period of growth fed a special fertilizer. Frequency of feeding – once every 14 days.

Transplantation and propagation of pandorea

To repot the plant is recommended as needed. Control of plant growth occurs with molding trim, for this reason, and do not require frequent transplanting.

Reproduction occurs apical cuttings. To propagate plants in the home preferably in may, the soil should be warmed to 22°C. For reproduction will need a mix of sand and peat, and will take root cuttings, also need bottom heat.

The lower pair of leaves is removed and the slice is processed kornevina. After that the cuttings covered with foil.

Pandorea multiply and seeds, it should be soaked and planted in separate pots, slightly venturing. Seeds germinate at temperatures above 21°C, while it is desirable to cover the pots with plastic or

Pandora - care at home


The first shoots appear after 2-3 weeks. After this the pots should be moved to a bright place. A month is payable complex fertilizer and grown the seedlings to be transplanted into larger pots.

Pests pangorei and fight with them

The plant is resistant to most pests, however, susceptible to scale insects, spider mites and aphids.

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