Pandanus care at home


Pandanus is a tropical plant that grows in the Islands of the Indian ocean.

Leaves sword shaped, dark green, climb up the trunk in a spiral.

Therefore, pandanus has the second name «spiral tree».

On the reverse side of the sheet have sharp white spines bent back. The plant is very large.

The length of the sheet of pandanus 1 meter. Trunk entangle aerial roots, which are used for reproduction.

The pandanus likes the spaciousness, so in design it is used as decoration of large buildings. Small flowers of pandanus, collected in the ear.

Pandanus in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

If you properly care for pandanus, even novice gardeners-Amateur and will grow a healthy plant.

The leaves of the pandanus painted cream and yellow stripes. If lighting a lot or a little, spots on the leaves fade or disappear completely.

Pandanus photophilous plant, but at home, it is better to put in the shade. In the cold season you need extra light. Good use of led lamps.

Temperature and watering

Temperature, which is necessary for good growth of pandanus trees at home: in the summer around 22°C in winter not below 13°C.

Pandanus can be watered frequently, in warm water with a temperature not below +18°C. to keep the air humidity, the plant should be sprayed. Otherwise, you start to dry the leaves.


Starting from early spring until late summer the plant should fertilize 1 time per week. With the onset of cold weather – once a month.

Transplantation and propagation

Pandanus at home are transplanted infrequently, once in three years in the spring. If the plant is very large, replace only the top layer of the earth.

The composition of the soil for transplanting, leaf and sod land, sand and humus. Propagated by seeds and lateral shoots.

For sowing use the sand sheet land or peat. To maintain humidity, cover the film. A month later the seeds germinate. If used for propagation of shoots, they are separated and planted.

Pests of pandanus and fight with them

Pandanus care at home

If it is wrong to care for pandanus, may appear gray mold. In home harm scale, where the spoil pandanus leaves. They appear yellow spots.

In this case, the plant should be inspected and sprayed. If the disease is started, process eclettica or fosazepam. You can use a soap-oil emulsion.

To do this: 10gramm soap powder mixed with 25grammami machine oil. To process the leaves to a few times a week. After treatment the emulsion is washed off with water.

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