Pancratium — care at home


Pancratium is a genus of evergreen bulbous plants belonging to the family Amaryllidaceae.

Pancratium is famous for its unusually beautiful bloom. The leaves of the plant in a bun.

The flowers are tubular, white in color and have a flavor reminiscent of vanilla.

In nature it grows in the Antilles and along the banks of the Nile, causing pancratium is still called Lily of the Nile.

At room conditions grown 2 types: «pancratium beautiful» and «pancratium Illyrian».

Pancratium in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Place pancratium in the home need on a well lit windowsill, protecting from direct exposure to the sun on the leaves of the plant.

In the heat of summer the flower will react well to move it on the balcony or in the Villa garden. A plant that withered can also be found in the open air until the fall.


Pancratium prefers to grow at moderate (17-18 degrees) temperature throughout the year.


In the spring and summer months to defend the plants watered with warm water is abundant, providing good drainage in the pot. Approximately since August, gradually reduce watering, not allowing complete drying of the soil.

Humidity for plants is moderate. Sometimes you need to spray the plant and wash dust from the leaves.


Fertilizing pancratium at home spend the entire flowering period weekly complex fertilizers for flowering plants. With the advent of cold weather the feeding is stopped, and resume after the winter.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanted pancratium should be in the spring, immediately after flowering. Do this procedure every 2-4 years. When transplanting follicle pancratium bury in the ground, only 1/4 of its height.

At the bottom of the pot must be good drainage to prevent root rot.

Soil mixture for this onion is prepared from turf, peat and leaf soil mixed with sand. During the «change of housing» pancratium should be especially careful to treat the roots of plants, to avoid damage to them.

Pancratium - care at home

Propagated pancratium office of the children from plant-mother for the transplant. Young bulbs are planted in individual pots and placed on window sill with good light.

Rooting occurs within a month. Caring for youngsters» the same as for adult plants. The first flowers can be expected only after 4 years.

Pests and fight with them

Pancratium is particularly resistant to diseases and pests.

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