Palms home care

Palmi the eye

A sign of a modern office flower tubs with a variety of palm trees.

But recently it became fashionable to plant these plants at home.

Exotic species that have already settled in the apartments, a lot.

But what would not grow you have palm trees, care for them in General the same.

Palm trees at home – features care

In natural conditions these trees grow to significant size. In areas they slow down the growth (probably lack of space). Or cultivated palm «dwarf» versions.

But, in any case, if the plant is comfortable enough, soon he will become crowded, and the tree starts to interfere. And there will come a time when you will have desired to get rid of.

And in the meantime try to palm home care for itself felt regularly (despite the fact that these plants are not capricious).

1. First, immediately protect the palm from the neighborhood with other room colors. This plant likes to «dominate» on its territory.

2. Second, do not put a flower pot in the back of the room – the palm in the home need a lot of sunlight. But if you moved the plant closer to the window, protect it from drafts.

3. Thirdly, a prerequisite for the dismissal is that the pot with a palm tree should not stand on the floor (especially if it’s cold). Make a small iron pedestal.

The temperature for Palma

Palm trees come from warmer countries, consequently, they require warmth. But the optimal temperature in the room should be set up for each plant species its.

  • Tropical palm trees bear the hot climate. And even in the winter season, they need a fairly warm atmosphere.


  • Which is not true of plants from the subtropics – give them relative coolness.

Therefore, these two varieties of palm trees it is better to keep in different rooms.

Watering trees and humidity

Palm trees at home require daily watering. But the quantity of water it must be such that the land not with excessive, and was only slightly damp. The water should be soft and warm.

Ensure sufficient humidity in the room, because at high temperature contents, the dryness can lead to disease of plants.

The warmer the room, the more abundant must be not only watering, but often – irrigation. And from time to time should be wiped with a damp cloth palm leaves.

Fertilizer palm trees

Palmi the eye

Palms are large plants, so they will lack of nutrients.

For feeding you can use any universal fertilizer.

Put them under Mature plants once a week, except for the winter period when feeding is completely eliminated.

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