Palm tree — care at home

Date palm care

If you are fond of palm trees, a tree grown from seeds of dates, it will be a matter of pride to friends.

And boast, indeed, to be date palms are very beautiful.

Their upward arrows-leaves form quite a large feathery «fans», adds Palma original appearance.

Care for a date palm

If your house is «infested» palm tree, care make her feel good, then to not have problems with her health.

Deviations from the modes can even lead to death of the plant. And not to see these problems, you need to know the basic deviations from the norm.

Palm has significantly slowed its growth – has been disrupted the temperature regime (optimal heat is in the range of 25-27 degrees).

Turn brown or die off the tips of the feathers – the ground hit preparations containing fluoride.

Region date palm leaves as though burned is because of the poor quality of the substrate has begun damage the roots.

Chlorosis of leaves due to lack of fertilizer palm loses the magnesium.

Compliance with the modes of care

Therefore, compliance with light, temperature, moist, nutrient regimes is essential to the care of palm trees.

The lighting suggests an abundance of sunlight, but the rays should be receiveaudio. So the feathers are date palms all the time are drawn to the light, 1 every 10-15 days flower pot should rotate 1800C.

The air temperature in the room should be warm enough (at least +250C) during the period of active growth. In winter heat can be reduced to +160C. Allowed short-term temperature changes of about 50C.

Humidity should be moderate (not more than 50%). But in the hot season it is recommended to spray the palm (well-suited rain water).

In cold seasons the moisture can trigger fungal diseases.

Regular watering to prevent the drying of the soil during the growing season. Palm leaves act as indicator of the lack of moisture the tips dry up and turn yellow.

Special fertilizers are selected, without the content of phosphates. To make it only in a period of growth

Date palm care

twice a month. Necessary also foliar feeding with micronutrients once a month.

The importance of soil. The acidity of the substrate should be between 4-8 pH.

The most suitable composition: earth (leaf and sod), humus, sand in equal quantities.

It is a charming addition to your decor – palm tree, the care of which falls squarely on your shoulders.

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