Palm plants — care at home

palm plants

Walking through the modern foyer, halls, awaiting the start of the performance or exhibition, a look would definitely stay in a luxurious outfit palms.

People consider her amazing stems and leaves.

The fashion for growing this southern guest there for many centuries.

Can’t find winter gardens, greenhouses, green recreational areas in offices without this plant, which is a sign of peaceful life and successful work.

With equal probability among them are prestolite or veerolistnye shape of palm trees. It’s only in your own choice of varieties from a huge selection proposed for planting.

A lot of varieties of palm trees grow well in ordinary homes, creating extra warmth and atmosphere, but also cleaning the air from toxic substances. Especially effective it makes the bamboo palm or caldoria.A tree grown from seed will be better adapted to local climatic conditions, but this process is very slow and not very simple.

So it’s easier to buy a seedling, to study the literature on the proper care for him and fulfill agronomic growing conditions that are common to all types of palm trees.

Palm plants — care tips


Location and lighting

In nature, trees grow in tropical or subtropical areas. Therefore, in the apartment they need to create an atmosphere as close as possible to him.

This is primarily a good diffused light. It is impossible to place a pot plant on a cool window sill and in places where it can be drafty. This is due to the great sensitivity to cold root system of the plant.


The optimum temperature is 25°C in summer and 15°C in winter.

Watering and humidity

All kinds of palm trees like moisture. So in the summer months they should be watered abundantly. In winter, moderate watering, so the soil was not dry.

It is very important to carry out regular spraying the leaves with warm water with a temperature below 30°C. To prolong the lifetime of the leaves of palm trees use their washing soft swab without damaging waxy plaque and shaggy pubescence.

Dry air during the power-on winter heating may cause blackening of the leaf tips.

Fertilizer palm plants

The rapid growth of palm trees require regular feeding in the summer. They are especially helpful in the solution of organic fertilizer. As mineral fertilizers it is better to use ready-made systems without content of lime.

Transplantation and propagation

The propagation of palm plants can be carried out by seed, rooting of cuttings from young shoots. Any transplant palms is during the spring and very carefully.

This period is not prejudicial to the summer process of the formation of new roots and prepare for winter. It should be noted an interesting property of the plant, in which the number of leaves depends on the size of the pot.

When the following grows new leaves wither the oldest. Transplant in a pot slightly larger than the previous one, accelerates the formation of a new sheet.

Palm plants care

Selection of the pot is a large size for the first planting slows down the process of formation of new leaves. If this creates a stagnation of water, the plant dies.

Slender beautiful palm becomes far not at once. In the first years of growth of trees, it’s just a pretty Bush.

But then his beautiful smooth trunk can be decorated, placing one of epiphytic plants such as Orchid, in the attachment of old leaves. And it will be like in these tropical forests.

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