Pachystachys — care at home


Pachystachys is a large evergreen, he has a thin upright shoots, which are dark green oval leaves.

Leaf length reaches 10-12 refer to This plant is well known in Ancient Greece. The name of the flower translates as «fat spike».

The reason for this name lies in the blossoms, which are in appearance similar to the ear.

The flowers are usually of large size, bright color. From afar it may seem that the plant is sitting butterflies.

More common yellow flowers, but there are other variations: pink and purple shades.

Pakistanis in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

For plants in the home is the best bright place with bright indirect light and no direct sunlight.

The best places for growing pachystachys – Windows that face East and West. In winter it is necessary to provide good coverage.


In spring and summer, the optimum temperature for Pakistanis 20°C if the indoor temperature exceeds 24°C, care must be taken to increase humidity. Autumn and winter flower contain in a room with a temperature of 16-19°C.

Watering and humidity

Spring and summer time copious irrigation. In winter, watering is reduced Pakistanis to moderate, but only after the dry topsoil.

It is not recommended at home heavily waterlogged substrate, the flower grows best when the soil is slightly damp.

Random peresushka earthen coma is also not valid because pachystachys is a very sensitive plant.

This shrub requires constant spraying throughout the year. In addition, a flowerpot can be put on the tray at the bottom of which is wet clay, the bottom should not be in the water.


Pakistanis during the growing season needs fertilizing complex fertilizers flower or mullein.

Frequency of feeding every 14 days, but only after the plant was abundantly watered with clean water.

Transplantation and propagation of pachystachys

Each spring the plants are transplanted, and this involves pruning. As the flower requires moist soil, it is important to make good drainage, otherwise the soil can sour on the bottom of the pot.

Propagated Pakistanis at home using cuttings with two internodes.

Pachystachys - care at home

To transplant this evergreen shrub at any time of the year, but this is best done after trimming.

Pests and fight with them

Pakistanis very rarely attacked by pests, however, you may lose mealybugs, spider mites and scale insects.

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