Pachypodium care at home


The tree-like pachypodiums succulents, which are memorable in appearance and belong to the family Kutrovyh.

All members of the genus have a thick succulent stem, on which are placed spines and leaves.

The top of the plant is decorated with a shock of» elongated leaves, which gives it resembles a palm tree.

Pachypodium in the home — care tips

Pachypodium is not too strange plant. To hold it is not difficult.

The only complexity in care can be the correct of irrigation, on which depends the beautiful shape of the plant.

So, when overdrying the plant will lose leaves, while the «overflow» of the stem will become very elongated.

Location and lighting

Best of pachypodium in the home will grow in a bright Sunny location.

He is not afraid of and direct exposure to the sun, however, after gradual adaptation. In summer the pot can be placed outdoors.


Very important for the normal development of plants is temperature. It should be 30 degrees and above in summer and not less than 16 degrees in winter. Excellent wintering habitat of this succulent will serve as the windowsills above radiators.

Watering of the plant

From March to August should be watered moderately so that the soil slightly moist. During the winter irrigation virtually ceased.

The leaves of the plants in the home need to regularly wash to get rid of dust.


Feeding start to make during the formation of new shoots. For pachypodium in the home are perfect fertilizer for cacti, which bring with diluted with water once a month.

Transplantation and propagation

Young habits are transplanted annually, while a more «Mature» succulents – 1 every 2-3 years. During the transplant behave very cautiously with the root system of the plant, as it is very delicate. Within one month after the transplant, you cannot make fertilizer.

The soil for these plants need loose, with a neutral acidity. You can make a mixture of equal parts of coarse sand, leaf and sod land.

The substrate useful to add lumps of clay, pieces of charcoal and brick chips. Very important drainage, which should take about 1/3 — 1/2 the height of the pot.

Propagated the plant at home by seeds only, which germinate at a temperature of 20 degrees.

Pests and fight with them

If the leaves of pachypodium have acquired a light or pale yellow color, this may indicate

Pachypodium care at home

attack on the red spider mite.

In the control of this pest will help spraying with Actellic, Phytoverm, Derris or Fofana.

If the upper side of the leaf of pachypodium acquired a grayish-brown color with a silvery sheen, the plant was subjected to the «attack» of the thrips.

To get rid of them will help a few sprays Decis, Phytoverm, Actellic or INTA-veer.

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