Pachyphytum (Pachyphytum) — care at home


Pachyphytum (Pachyphytum) is a perennial leaf succulent, which belongs to the family Crassulaceae (Crassulaceae).

The plant is native to the southern regions of the US and arid part of Mexico.

This succulent has a short stem, which is thick obovate leaves.

They have grayish-white or green colour, covered by waxy bloom and collected in the outlet of which «crawl» long flower stalks with red or white or colors. Pacificum – the plant is fairly undemanding and are suitable for the cultivation of a newbie.

Pacificum in the home — care tips

 Location and lighting

Place the pot pachyphytum at home should be very well illuminated place. He may very well be under direct sunlight.

In winter, this succulent requires additional illumination.


In the summer months can tolerate temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. In winter the temperature should not fall below 5-8 degrees Celsius, while cold air from the window pacificum transfers without problems.

Watering and humidity

Plant at home is well adapted to the dry content, so between watering the soil should dry thoroughly.

Estimated irrigation mode:

  • from April to September – 1 time per week;
  • in March, October and 1 time per month;
  • from November to March, do not water.

Watering pacificum at home exercise plentiful, and the excess water is drained from the tray. Pachyphytum need dry air, so spraying it is not necessary.


During the growth period pacificum fed a diluted fertilizer for cacti or succulents 1 time per month.

Transplantation and propagation

Pacificum transplanted every two years in April. Soil suitable for succulents store, if it add a little sand.

Grunt «homemade» should consist of 3 parts perlite or coarse sand, 2 parts loam, 2 parts peat and 2 parts humus. It is necessary to provide good drainage.

Propagated pacificum at home leaf cuttings in summer. Before rooting cuttings 5 days dried. Rooting performed in peat or sand.

Substrate from time to time lightly moisturize. After successful rooting, the cuttings are transplanted into pots one by one.

Possible reproduction and seeds. They are sown in a substrate composed of sand and leaf soil.

Pachyphytum (Pachyphytum) - care at home

Must maintain 22 degrees Celsius, the content of a film, daily spraying of soil and ventilation.

Pests and fight with them

Pacificum is characterized by its resistance to diseases and pests.

Very rarely is exposed to «attacks» the mealybug. For combat use Biotin, Akhtar, Fitoverm, Mospilan.

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