Outside shower for the garden

Sadovy shower

Outside shower for the garden can be of different designs, all depends on your imagination and desires.

Some lack the usual tank and frame with drawn curtains, others build wooden stationary heated shower.

The main thing here is to calculate how large the required capacity, how many people will use at the cottage a summer shower, and how often.

After that, choose a place under construction.

When defining locations, you need to consider two things.

Naturally summer garden shower should be located on the Sunny side that the water could heat up.

The sunlight should heat the tank possible all day, then rinse it will be possible at any time.

If you put a shower in a shaded place, then to heat water will have on their own, with the help of heater.

Also for the shower you need to consider the terrain. The best area is upland.

If you place there garden outdoor shower is not possible, it will be necessary to take care of the outflow of water.

If it will stagnate, there will inevitably be no need of blood-sucking insects and unpleasant smell.

Therefore, the construction, try to consider these two points.

To build a shower at the cottage for any male gardener, will not be easy. If we consider the simplest option (a tank with a curtain), the investments will be minimal.

In the water tank is the hole to mount the tap and watering can. After this tank is suspended on the support to the desired height.

Then made a frame for the booth out of scrap materials, which are fixed blinds. All the easiest shower to give ready.

More complex practical construction of garden summer shower can be made of brick,

outside shower for the garden

of wood or plastic.

For the manufacture of wooden outdoor showers, the cost of bars and boards for the walls will also not large. The brick for construction can also be used not new, but used.

Also shower to give you can buy in specialized stores. Typically, these designs are quite simple and mobile.

In the winter they can be easily dismantled. But, despite its simplicity, they are comfortable enough to wash or rinse on a hot summer day.

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