Ornamental foliage plants for garden

Ornamental foliage plants

The most varied in color, shape and flowering time of group in your garden is usually decorative — deciduous plants.

Given the timing of flowering, leaf color in the fall and the possibility of their decorative haircut can create incredible garden composition which will give personality to your site.

Ornamental foliage plants

They have a wide distribution and in public places. For the base of the interior is often used evergreen ornamental plants.

They are a boon for any gardener and designer, as they give the ability to use both Sunny and shady places.

Decorative foliage plants for the garden are of three types: evergreen, flowering and lively-coloured leaves. There are varieties that change leaf color during the summer season.

They are also annuals. There is an option of growing potted ornamental deciduous annuals. To change the composition of these plants as they are flowering.

Unfortunately, often ornamental deciduous perennials, not being hardy, too, fall in the number of annuals in our climate.

Ornamental trees usually are planted around the perimeter of the site. Shrubs can be used as a backdrop for flower beds. Its variety of color and height they give the flower beds a finished image.

When planting these ornamental plants need to think carefully about how you are going to issue your plot. For good appearance, as well as the increase in crown need the availability of the necessary space.

You should also consider the shade next to the tree in the future. Especially if you plan to do topiary or the Alpine slide.

Curly ornamental plants (lianas) are both flowering and decorative foliage they thrive in a vertical gardening on the walls of houses, fences and arches.

Evergreen ornamental deciduous shrubs used for hedges. All plants of this group are picky about watering and feeding is mandatory.

So if you’re not often in the garden in the hot summer, you should think about Autonomous watering.

Ornamental foliage plants for garden

Necessary to carry out constant inspection of leaves for the early detection of aphids and other pests.

In winter, the weakly frost-resistant varieties of ornamental plants you need to cover.

If you buy a new plant be sure to find out what climate zone it is recommended.

Often the plants are sick is due to the fact that were not taken into account their climatic features.

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