Ornamental foliage begonias the care and reproduction

decorative-deciduous begonias

Ornamental foliage begonias are very popular in horticulture.

This is a very beautiful plants that are easily propagated and low maintenance.

Foliage begonias, and flowering, too, have flowers, but due to the fact that they are not particularly beautiful, of interest to gardeners is almost not present, though can fit perfectly into any home interior.

Besides the beauty, begonia absorb toxic substances, protecting homes from the harmful outside influence.

Begonias are useful to have after fresh repair in apartment, office.

Decorative-deciduous begonias, as a rule, belong to groups romnia, Kane, Rex or srabi.

Of ornamental plants, the most attractive is the «Begonia Royal», it has a herbaceous form, and belongs to the group of resaneh.

Decorative-deciduous begonias like filtered light, only under these conditions, they will have a rich color and will not lose the decorative effect.

Also a great influence on the condition of the plants is the ambient temperature and humidity. Begonias like cool, hard to tolerate the heat.

To increase the humidity in the flat a pot of flower can be put on a tray filled with wet gravel.

To begonia were beautiful and healthy, it is important to follow a few simple rules.

  • To give begonias more splendor and the compactness of the Bush, the extra shoots presidnete, or possibly send them to the center of the pot.
  • During the transplant the rhizome of the plant will zaglubit a little more than conventional transplanting houseplants.
  • In spring and summer, during active growth, be sure to fertilize begonia mineral fertilizers — 2 times a month. To fall making feeding to reduce.
  • To protect plants from diseases mildew, powdery mildew and other fungal, provide good air circulation and conduct spraying from a spray fungicides.

For reproduction of decorative-deciduous begonias, too, have their secrets. Like many indoor plants survival rate begonias depending on the form of different.

Some more hardy than others. That new plant you just bought, don’t reproduce, let him settle and get used to the new living conditions.

In a few weeks he mastered, but it is best to use spring.

decorative-deciduous begonias

For example, the Royal begonia leaf or part of it propagated easily.

Just a sharp blade, cut off a good healthy leaf from the parent plant. The leg is preferably cut to 2 cm and a half hour to dry.

You can then plant in a shallow and wide container. The primer can be used in-store with the addition of transfused and sand.

Deepen the stalk to the leaf blade. Make sure that the soil has always been in a slightly damp condition, it is desirable to maintain a temperature of about +20o C. 20-25 days will have sprouts that will grow, and the leaf will wither away.

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