Organic and mineral fertilizers in the country

organic fertilizer

The introduction of organic and mineral fertilizers in the soil affects the yield of vegetable and garden plants is well known.

Although the dispute between opponents of «chemistry» and supporters of «mineral water» has existed for many years.

Many gardeners fully switched to «natural farming» and advocating abandonment of mineral fertilizer.

Others believe that any harm they carry.

As far as the danger, and how to make fertilizer, will help to understand professionals with years of experience.

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is the result of the activity of organisms. Food crops they will give only after mineralization to inorganic substances (salts). Mineralization – decomposition of organic matter by fungi and soil bacteria.

Decomposed organic matter to salt, is the mineral fertilizer. Therefore, the opinion that if you make only organic fertilizers, vegetables and fruits are environmentally friendly, big mistake.

Even if you add manure in large amounts in the soil will contribute to the accumulation of nitrates. All you need to know the measure.

The main objective of organic fertilizers is different. With their help, there is a natural improvement of productive properties of the earth and the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Of course, the decomposition process is slow and designed for the long term. Organic matter has several years to complete mineralization.

Mineral fertilizers

The fertilizers get into the industry. They are designed for performance, they do not improve soil structure, but contain more nutrients for the plants.

On the other hand, mineral fertilizers, it is necessary to be careful, strictly according to the rules, mistakes can lead to unpleasant consequences.

All nutrients necessary for plants are divided into micro and macro.


Especially summer crops need potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Potassium increases resistance to diseases. Nitrogen helps the development, while the phosphorus promotes the formation of fruit.

Other elements ( calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, zinc, etc.) also required but in smaller amounts.

The application of mineral fertilizers is strictly regulated, and is divided into three methods of application.

Caused by pre-sowing (soil preparation), preposing (when landing) and poslepechatnoy (root and foliar feeding). Read the instructions on the packaging and follow the advice of manufacturers.

For mixing of fertilizers, use wooden or glass utensils. With some metal elements react, which can result in an unavailable form for plants.

And the decision to use mineral and organic fertilizers on the plot.

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