Oregano – growing in the country and application

motherboard typical

Oregano – essential-maslinica plant.

Another of its name – «oregano».

In Russia grows three types of oregano, but in General a lot of them.

This African clawed oregano, and hybrid, and gladkolistnye.

There are still Lebanese and miranova, Unites and amanum.

Oregano Umansky (amarum) is grown the most. Its fresh leaves are used in salads. This spice is harvested during flowering.

Then it is necessary to dry it. Better to do it in places where no sunlight, namely under cover in a ventilated place.

Although oregano is considered a mountain plant, it can be found almost everywhere. The only exception is the far North. There is a plant did not survive.

The history of oregano counts not one Millennium. Once upon a time it was added to the kvass and beer. And not for flavor, though.

But the main reason was different: oregano leaves contain tannins, which for a long time not drink sours.

To grow oregano, it is not necessary to have special knowledge. It’s a pretty undemanding plant.

All she needs is a windless, Sunny places and good ventilation of the soil.

Of course, should take care of the compost, through which the inflorescence of the grass becomes luxuriant, and the motherboard is the large size.

An additional advantage is the fact that the dressing will provide an important minerals.

If you grow oregano in the country, it is necessary to change the place of landing every 5 years. But she is growing well and at home.

Place the containers with the seeds on the balcony, and you will always have fresh spice. The only thing you need to remember, growing motherboard is careful with the watering. It is not recommended to water it frequently.

Multiply the spiciness easier from cuttings, but seeds. But you should know that when planting a seed it will blossom only in the second year.

It is better to do sowing in spring and summer. Then the plant should be thinned, leaving between the bushes about 30 cm.

Often this plant is used in medicine. Even in ancient times it was used in diseases of the nerves, lung problems. And it helps with toothache, scrofula, convulsions.

The infusion of this herb is used if you want to whet the appetite, it also improves digestion, promotes more rapid food processing.

The indispensable benefit of having oregano and diseases of the respiratory tract. This is one of the best expectorants.

Oregano is a very useful and versatile plant that will not be superfluous to any country.

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