Orchids — care at home


Huge solar energy orchids for many thousands of years works wonders.

The atmosphere created by the colorful lanterns, inspires people to high human feelings and thoughts.

Many myths and legends associated with the appearance of a flower and its effect on people.

Over time there was a whole system when, to whom and what color the Orchid have to give.

For example, the pink Orchid is the color of the goddess of beauty Venus, is a symbol of perfect love.

Or white flowers give a burst of new creative forces to help in the creation of new paintings, music, wonderful poems.

Currently there are many types of orchids. This is a Phalaenopsis, paphiopedilum, can, Cymbidium and other types of epiphytic plants.

But growing them at home is not quite a simple matter and requires experience and study of literature and further consultations.

Orchids in the home — care tips


Location and lighting

Before you decide on the location of the flower, you must know the grade and age. This is due to the requirements to the length of daylight is that each plant has its own and this factor gives the opportunity to form long-lived peduncles.

The time of appearance of a flower in place of a Bud can be long and you just have to wait.

The average age of onset of flowering of orchids is 2 years and five months. A common condition is the requirement of a large amount of ambient light without direct sunlight.

A symptom of the lack of coverage is the lack of flowering and bright foliage.


Among the many types of orchids at home, the instances of heat-loving, cold-resistant and Amateur average temperatures. It is necessary to specify after the purchase of Rostock.

One of the important aspects to successfully growing orchids at home is possible to create conditions with a small difference in day and night temperatures. Optimal is a range from 27°C to 20°C.

Watering and humidity

It is better not to add water, than strain while caring for any sort of Orchid. The frequency of watering orchids is strongly dependent on the type and state in which it is currently.

During growth it should be done more often. The main rule for determining the time required watering is the appearance of the soil, which must dry completely.

For convenience, the control of this state for planting use transparent pots and this is very true. In the presence of condensation on the walls of the pot to water the Orchid is impossible. Irrigation methods may be different.

  • 1. Watering the substrate.
  • 2. Watering by spraying on the leaves.
  • 3. Wash with a shower.

In the flowering period of orchids, the volume of water when watering will increase in two times. And always use the pooled water at room temperature.

Fertilizer orchids

Feed the plant during the growth period once in three weeks, fulfilling the requirements specified on the package of fertilizer «bona Forte».

It is necessary to take into account the special sensitivity and intolerance of orchids to high levels of mineral salts in the soil.

A good technique to make life easier for the flower there is a special washing of the soil with clean water. Experienced growers are recommended to alternate every 2 weeks feeding and cleaning.

Propagation and transplanting orchids

Propagation of orchids in the home is carried out by division of adult plants, seeds, apical cuttings, side shoots, babies and pseudobulbar.

The best way to transplant adult plants without damaging important fine roots, which bind the entire substrate is careful handling the pot larger.

The level of the soil in the new pot should remain unchanged. The growing point of the Orchid should not fall asleep with soil.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid, commonly grown in homes, does not tolerate transplanting. The best time to transplant is the period after flowering in summer or late spring.

At this time, orchids are entering an important period of rest. After flowering, carefully trimmed stems. Completely, but partial pruning only the part where was flowers.

Orchid - care

In this case, can appear from side shoots, new stems springing from dormant buds, which on the strong plant can be up to 4 pieces.

The most simple method of propagation of orchids is to grow children. A sign of success will be the value of the roots children. The bigger they are, the more chances for independent living are higher.

In our climate it is a wonderful plant can be found walking through the woods. This is the famous «lady’s slipper» or «Cuckoo boots» which came to us from legends of the Shoe of Venus.

He is so beautiful, and Regal in his Majesty, orchids on your window.

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