Orchid — care at home

Orchid care

Delicate, elegant orchids are very demanding of their owners.

But to show care and attention to green your pet, you can then admire the beautiful flowers.

Despite the fact that Orchid care requires a really thorough, it remains the most popular potted plant.

Orchid in the home

  Light mode

The main condition in order for the Orchid at home blooming profusely, is the presence of optimal lighting.

And if the lack of it will retard vegetation processes, too bright streams of sunlight that fall on a plant that may «incinerate».

To understand what the lighting was initiated, look to the flower. The leaves were dark green – they do not have enough light. In excess its leaves turn yellow and sometimes covered with brown spots.

Irrigation regime orchids

Varieties of orchids grown a lot. Each Orchid care requires specific, and this should be considered. But here’s a General rule for all there is – it’s better not to depoit than waterlogged.

Due to excess moisture, the plant may die. But first, it will «signal» their rotten roots and yellow leaves. But pseudobulb shriveled and the leaves – it is from lack of moisture.

So regular watering in the home is carried out only during the period of active flowering. The rest of the time it needs to be moderate (in the sleep period – the minimum).

Temperature and humidity

One of the main conditions of normal flowering orchids can be called artificially created temperature difference.

It is this kind of «shock» and stimulates the plant into budding. So during the day maintain air temperature within +25-27 degrees at night, try to reduce to 20-22. In summer, you can send an Orchid «sleep» on the balcony.

But at any temperature the humidity should be good. Don’t forget that the plant prefers to pseudobulb moisture through air, than through the roots from the ground.

Therefore, a daily misting orchids in the home – it is a prerequisite.

And completely discard the top watering plants. Let the roots absorb the necessary moisture from the pan with a grid on which to stand the flower pot.

Fertilizer orchids at home

According to the growing conditions of plants such as Orchid care involves regular feeding, feed

Orchid care

which only reduces during the rest of the flower.

They entered every 10-15 days in the manner and at the concentration indicated on the packaging.

So do not buy a random application or universal fertilizer for houseplants.

For orchids, there is a «diet», and it must be followed.

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