Optimal conditions for storing garlic

storing garlic

Every gardener knows about the beneficial properties of garlic and use it for canning preparations for the winter, and in the preparation of various dishes.

Growing garlic is usually there, but preserve the harvest throughout the winter, unfortunately, under force not to everyone.

Actually the secret is to clean the garlic in time to properly prepare it and to create optimal storage conditions.

Storing garlic

 Harvesting garlic

One of the important components that directly affects the storage duration of garlic, timely cleaning.

The timing of the harvest depend on the type of garlic and it is divided into two main groups: spring (planting in spring, harvesting in August) and winter (autumn planting, harvest – end of July).

If the specified time the weather is dry, to delay the harvesting of garlic is not worth every day of delay reduces the quality of the product, so take the fork and into the garden.

Overripe garlic keep for a long period of time is unlikely. Over-Mature heads can be identified by several attributes:

  • 1.Cracking scales covering the bulb.
  • 2. Disintegration the head on the teeth.
  • 3. The appearance of new roots on the bottom of the bulb.

If Your crop comes garlic with signs of over-ripeness, put it down, and possibly use in the near future, also applies to the follicles are damaged.

Quality head of garlic (with leaves), the hands are freed from the ground and stacked to dry for 5 days in a well ventilated room.

After this time, prepare the garlic for storage. You need to trim the roots, leaving about 3mm, and stems of about 10cm.

Conditions for storing garlic

Spring garlic is perfectly preserved at a temperature in the range of 16-20°C and winter at +2-4°C. the Optimum humidity for any garlic 50-80%.

In dry climates, heads will begin to dry and more humid, there is a risk of mould and diseases. Even creating perfect storage conditions of the crop, don’t forget to inspect the bulbs.

Very easy to store the garlic in bunches. A few heads (10-15) connected to each other and hung in the basement closet.

You can store the crop in nylon tights that also hung in the appropriate room. In ancient times, garlic and onions were stored in woven birch bark baskets. It should be noted that under such conditions, the harvest was kept in perfect condition until the summer.

Modern gardeners have found new ways of storage of garlic, sterilized glass jars. Dried head put in a bowl and pour salt. In this condition the bulbs are protected against the formation of diseases.

Possible problems storing garlic

The appearance of mold indicates that garlic is bad or dried after harvesting, or humidity

storing garlic

the air is very high.

Dried teeth, talking about the too dry air. Increase the humidity and circulation of the air flow. At high temperature, perhaps the emergence of new roots.

To avoid this, prior to storage of garlic, can be a little «primality» bottom, hold the bulb over a candle or gas stove. If you haven’t done so, move the crop in a cool place.

The apartment is quite difficult to create optimal conditions for storing garlic, for example, I stored in the cellar, and bring home only a small amount of heads that store in the fridge.

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