Ophiopogon — care at home


Ophiopogon is a decorative evergreen herbaceous perennial, which belongs to the family Liliaceae.

This plant «came» to us on the sills of South-East Asia and Japan.

There are about 20 wild species of ophiopogon, however, are grown in culture room for only 2 – ofiopogon Japanese and ophiopogon aburnon the basis of which was removed many hybrids.

A fairly undemanding plant and to cope with caring for them can even novice.

Ophiopogon in the home — care tips

 The location and lightingOphiopogon has no special requirements for lighting and can grow in the shade and under the bright intense lighting. Post it at home is best on Windows that are facing West or East. In winter, the plant thrives when placed in a heated loggia.


In the summer ophiopogon in the home contain in the conditions of a temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius. In winter the temperature drops to 2-10 degrees Celsius. Some kinds are not afraid of frost and can survive even when lowering the temperature to -28 degrees.


This perennial plant requires not abundant, but regular watering. The top soil should be slightly dry between waterings.

Ophiopogon is very sensitive to reduced humidity. So the daily are sprayed separated by water.


Feed the plant every 2 weeks throughout spring and summer. Suitable for this purpose complex fertilizers. In autumn and winter, fertilizing is not needed.

Transplantation and propagation of ophiopogon

Transplantation of these representatives of the Liliaceae is carried out every spring by the method of handling. At the bottom of the pot need a drainage layer. Substrate for planting requires loose.

Ophiopogon to propagate at home using seeds or division of a Bush. It is much easier to implement multiplication by the second method. This spring during transplanting bushes are divided into several parts that have a sufficient number of roots and shoots.

If you managed to get seeds of this magical plant, they are sown in early spring and placed on a warm windowsill.

Pests and fight with them

Ophiopogon - care at home

Ophiopogon in the home is rarely affected by pests.

Young plants may be attacked slugs and snails, which must be removed.

Sometimes can be affected by thrips or whitefly. In this case, committed Bi-58 and Actellic.

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