Onions for winter – recipes

Onions for winter – recipes

The most useful and accessible the product is onion.

It contains vitamins b1 and C and volatile, which can kill bacteria.

It is therefore very important to have on hand this healthful vegetable (especially in winter).

You can stock up for a few months with fresh onion and marinate it in winter.

Secrets of how to store onions for the winter

For winter storage are not suitable for all varieties, but only those that have a sharp taste («Bessonovskiy», «Odessa», «Cichowski», etc.).

Varieties of onion with the taste of the Peninsula remain worse and can deteriorate. Sweet bow the more you should not lay in the vault.

Choosing the right variety of onion for the winter, follow the suggestions with the preparation of vegetables for long-term storage.

  • Choose only ripe bulbs, dried scales, and a thin neck. They should not be naked, diseased and dirty. It is desirable that in a separate container was kept the bow the same.


  • Bookmark in containers onion in winter, you should prepare to dry in a well ventilated area (under a canopy). As a result, the scales must acquire a characteristic Shine.
  • Prepared onions from the store to send is not worth it – hold it up to the cold in a cool room, putting it in crates. And then send in the cellar.
  • The temperature in the storage observe within the -30 — +10C, relative humidity 80-85%. The room should be fully protected against the penetration of sunlight.
  • If the bow for the winter lay deposited a bit (not more than 30 kg), it is possible to contain in drawers, and hanging nets.


Pickled onions for the winter — recipes

Does not lose its properties pickled onions. However, he becomes more pleasant taste and is a nice addition to many salads. The recipe is marinating quite simple.

  • Untreated bulbs need to problanshirovat 2 min in boiling water. Then they are cooled under running cold water and clean.
  • Liter jars filled with spices: peas of black and fragrant pepper (3 PCs.), mustard seeds (1 tsp), Bay leaf (2 PCs.)
  • The bow is placed in jars and pour the marinade: 1 liter of water a glass of vinegar (9%), 2 tsp salt, 2 tbsp sugar.
  • Banks with onions for the winter should be sterilized for about 25 minutes, and then roll up.

This recipe can form the basis of and vary according to your taste. For example, the following recipe spice Luke adds «brother» — garlic.

  • Prepare onions for winter is no different from the previous recipe. Onions for winter – recipes
  • But the seasoning has changed: the mustard seed the same 8 pieces of peas of black pepper, 1 clove of garlic.
  • After you fill in banks marinade, pour vegetable oil (5 tbsp).
  • To the oil was placed, the fill is poured in the container is less than in the previous recipe.
  • Sterilization is carried out at a very slow fire to spilled oil.


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