Onion growing in the country

Onion growing in the country

Some gardeners in the garden you can see almost the entire list of vegetable crops, others are limited to the most necessary.

But all will certainly grow in the beds onions (onions, leeks, shallots, Tartar, canadian).

And this culture is considered to be unpretentious, to the cultivation of onions should still choose fertile soil, friable and neutral in reaction. A great option is planting after potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes.

The soil should be prepared in advance, even in the fall, homeland is full of bayonet spade and enriching organic matter.

If you are not able to perform such work, then the spring loosen the soil and feed fertilizers.

Onions have one small feature – it can be grown in 2 ways (annuals and perennial crops).

Annual onion growingOnions when the annual method is grown from seed. But it is recommended only for areas where beckology period is quite long.

«The seed» sown as soon as soil is ready («ripe»). But first the seeds should be soaked.

Sow can the bow by any method (accustomed to): ribbons, lines, line. But in any case the beds definitely need mulching with humus.

The key to growing good onions is it

thinning. The first of them is carried out as soon as sprouts appear, keeping the distance between them 2 cm. Through the 2 decades, the procedure should be repeated, making the interval in the 6 div.

An important role in productivity plays a humidity of the soil. And if in the beginning of growth, watering should be abundant during the second half of maturation, the excess moisture will impede the growth of the follicle, expelling the feather.

3 weeks before harvest irrigation should be stopped completely (even if the street is hot).

We should not forget about the fertilizers. In the beginning as feed use «Humisol» or superphosphate with the slurry. The second half of the growth coming only mineral fertilizers, but with a low content of nitrogen.

The two-year cultivation onionCultivation onion 2 approach is practiced in all regions. But it is necessary to take varieties that are suitable to maturation, that is, with a sharp taste. The principle of this method is that in the first year planted Chernushka, which is formed by the onion sets. But since his second year of full grown bulb.

  • Seeds are sown quite closely solid wide band. All agronomic practices (watering, fertilizing only in the first half of the vegetation period (about may-June).
  • As soon as the feathers fall, the sets must be carefully removed from the ground and lay there in the beds to the bulb dry. Then the sets are sorted, selecting for storage healthy specimens. Storage temperature 180 heat in a dark room.
  • In the second year sets planted in the garden according to the following scheme: 5 cm in row, 30 cm between rows. In Onion growing in the country

    the process of growing onions is carried out thinning, adjusting the distance between bulbs 10 cm

  • Pour the onion regularly, but as drying of the soil. After the lodging of the tops of the bulbs pull out and leave the patch to dry for about a week.

Thinning grown sevka, and full of the bulbs produced as required, that is when take a bow on the greens.

But the soil loosening and weed control is a procedure of mandatory and regular.

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