Odontoglossum care at home


Odontoglossum (Orchid) is a mountain plant. Native To Central America.

In the natural environment (mountainous forests) orchids growing at relatively low temperature 8-12°C. the Plant is difficult to grow on the windowsill due to the high stem.

Reaches a length of more than 1 m, so must be attached to the support, that did not break. Stalks SAG down, but can grow up.

There are more than 250 species. Effectively bloom a variety of colors: white, yellow, violet, Magenta, brown, and brindle.

Odontoglossum care at home

The leaves are sharp – 2-3 pieces, length 30cm. Pretty much large flowers: 4-5 cm in diameter up to 20 cm can Bloom at any time of the year. The interval between flowering up to 8 months.

This period of rest odontoglossum should be put in a cool place and reduce watering. Allowable Temperature to 10° C.

Light: diffused, bright; lightly shaded place, avoid direct sunlight.

Location:- ventilated place, East window.

Humidity: (70 %) must be systematically sprayed the Orchid, especially during flowering, growth. Preferably a pot with Odontoglossums put in a tray filled with expanded clay or wet pebbles.

Protect from drying out. In winter water moderately and not spray.

Temperaturesummer temperature to 22°C, night 14° C. it is not easy for the apartment, it is desirable to place in the greenhouse. The minimum is around 8°C.

Watering: only boiled, separated by water. In the summer watering every day as the soil is drying out in the winter every 2 weeks after drying.

Transplant: Odontoglossum at home or transplanted in spring or autumn — in 2-3 years, if the roots come out or when rot the roots. For ventilation in the pot must be a lot of holes.

If the plant can’t pull out of the old pot, it should be soaked. Circumcised rot on roots or long. Place slices to cover the gray, charcoal, ash.

To put on the bottom drainage (gravel or expanded clay). It is not recommended to water orchids after repotting, so that the sections could be long and dry.

Odontoglossum care at home

Fertilizer: watering flower fertilizer for orchids 2 times a month, or mineral fertilizers (in a bucket vody10ml). Contraindicated in the winter to fertilize.

Pests: thrips (white flies, spider mites, aphids, mealybugs. Moisten a cotton swab in alcohol and remove pests.

Reproduction: spring, fall division into parts, perhaps by seed, but rarely.

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