Obtaining sea buckthorn oil in home conditions

obtaining sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn is a valuable garden plant, its fruits are rich in contents of minerals, vitamins, organic acids.

Of particular value is sea buckthorn oil, extracted from the fruit and seeds.

In the home to oil are four ways you can do this with not only fresh berries, but dried.

Obtaining sea buckthorn oil

Sea-buckthorn should be well washed under running water and dried. Then put the berries in a bowl and mash.

Close the lid and within two days to keep warm until 60 degrees. Can use up the oven.

On the surface appears a thin layer of sea buckthorn oil. It will only be carefully collected.

The second method of obtaining oil, suitable for large and juicy berries. They need to be washed, let it drain, then pass through the juicer.

The resulting juice pour into a glass dish and place on two days in a dark place. Is formed on the surface 100% sea buckthorn oil.


The third option is used the pulp left in the juicer. It is necessary to pull out and allow to dry. Then grind, many gardeners have adapted for this purpose grinder.

The pulp is poured into a glass or enamel bowl and pour vegetable oil.

The resulting mass is covered with a lid and stand for two days at a temperature of 45 degrees.

The percentage of sea buckthorn oil depend on quantitative relations. At the end of mass need to purchase orange color with a brown tint.

The fourth method of obtaining sea buckthorn oil is designed for dried fruit.

Berries are crushed in a coffee grinder, pour in high glass jar or enamel bowl and pour heated to 55 degrees, sunflower refined oil.

In addition, the fruit needs to hide five millimeters. Dinnerware set for six days in a dark place.

Two or three times a day, the oil should be mixed thoroughly.

Six days sea buckthorn oil can be drained if left the fruit mass to stand, it is possible to remove another part.

You get about 10-12% sea buckthorn oil. You repeat the procedure, but with a new batch of raw materials increases the percentage to thirty.

The resulting oil is stored in a well closed container in the refrigerator. With these simple ways gardeners can obtain in the country and home of sea buckthorn oil with different percentages.

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