Nubian goats — description of the breed

Nubian Causey

This breed of goats is considered to be the oldest domesticated by man.

The homeland of the Nubian goats is Namibia, taken hence the name.

Nubian goats bred by crossing karibskogo goat and native breast. On the territory of Russia «the foreigner», appeared in 2000 in small numbers.

Representatives of this breed very beautiful and graceful, besides love attention, contact, and affection.

Rather, it is for this reason, goats treat a person as a member of his flock and following him everywhere for a leader.

But you need to show strictness, otherwise the goats will become self-willed, that will complicate care.

Nubian goat belongs to a meat and dairy breed. Adult goat weighs from 40 to 55 kg, and goat from 55 to 70 kg.

The Nubian breed can have two tri-color color. Although it allowed any color.

It can be solid brown, black, white, grey and patterned. This breed can be with horns or without them. A distinctive feature is the hooked nose and drooping ears.

Nubian goats are mainly three bring a kid in one breeding season (in the year there are up to two lambing we).

Animals produce from 2 to 4litrov milk, the fat content is 5-8%. In a year you can get from 750 to 1500 litres of milk, which has a lovely delicate flavor and sweet aroma.

It makes a tasty cheese, and yogurt. Goat’s milk, as are goats don’t smell.

Performance of Nubian goats is not reduced even when crossed with another breed. But a good performance can be achieved only if the goats provided a good diet.

You can give them pumpkin, squash, beetroot and carrots. Also the diet is necessary to make bran and a small amount of grain.

If there are potato peelings or scraps from the table, goats too happy to eat them. But even if one of the required nutrients will be missed, productivity is greatly reduced.

Therefore, this caveat should be taken into account, especially for beginners. It is better to learn on a normal Russian unpretentious food the goat than on the «foreign» character.

Because of their temperament and the restless, it is not recommended to put children to respect them, because

Nubian Causey

most of the time with the Nubian goats is difficult to handle.

This breed is considered to be more precarious than, for example Russian.

In the winter they need to provide a warm room because cold suffer very badly.

Although, according to French breeders, goats in the second generation adapted to the climate and become much calmer.

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