Notocactus (Notocactus leningfrausii) — care at home


Notocactus often referred to as «Teddy bear» because of its appearance.

Homeland – South America. This is a very undemanding plant of the family Cactaceae.

Not very demanding to light. Most often grows on rocks, on hills, cliffs.

Has the shape or spherical or cylindrical.

Blooms with proper care in 3-5 years yellow or yellow-purple flowers. The flowers are quite large (up to 12 cm in diameter).

From year to year, increasing in size. In height — 20-25 cm Bloom in summer. Flowers remain open a very short time from 5 to 10 days. At the base of the plants appear the processes «kids».

Notocactus (Notocactus leningfrausii) in the home — care tips


Summer keep at a temperature of 24-26°C, do not exceed 37°C, protect from rain and direct sunlight. The autumn, winter, 10-12°C, not below 10°C. take Care of ventilation.

Lighting Notocactus

Western, Eastern window on a Sunny windowsill. Bright diffused light. In the heat of summer should pritenyat. Otherwise you can receive scars and burns.


Just can’t stand the dryness in the winter, should be 1 once a month pour in pan pot of water. Spring should be watered 2 times per month.

Summer, plants, the soil quickly dries up, so 1 time a week, but not often. Pour the water into the sump or water the plant from above. Again in the autumn reduce watering. If you allow wetlands – species of Notocactus can rot. Spray is not necessary.

The ground

Essential nutrients acidic loose soil: ground sheet + charcoal + sand or 1 part coarse sand + 3 parts of clay soil.

Fertilizer Notocactus

In spring and summer, it should feed the plant with a special fertilizer with potassium for cacti.


Do the transplant annually. And in a year or two. Transplanting should, until, until cactus is a pot diameter of 12cm.

The size of the species of Notocactus can be compared with the size of a melon. So check closely if the pot plants.


For dust removal spray Notocactus water. 2-4 times a year, to destroy the pests, spray with water in the insecticide. The most dangerous pests of plants – spider mites, scale insects, mealybugs.


Notocactus - eye

Seeds, shoots-children. Soak the seeds in potassium permanganate and sow in March. Cover the pot with a glass Cup and put in a warm room.

After 2 weeks sprouts appear. 2 months make the picks. All you should spend 4 picks (every 2 months).

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