Nipping, rejuvenation and pruning houseplants

pruning houseplants

The main objective of indoor plants to create beauty in the apartment, on the balcony or in the green area.

To do this they must be well-formed to have a rich leaves and beautiful appearance.

Growers don’t just grow different types of flowers, and manage their growth and form the desired shape, spend pinched, rejuvenation and pruning houseplants.

For the formation of young tree plants, such as aucuba cut the side shoots after the main trunk will grow to a height of approximately 30 cm, the top pinch.

After that begin to appear lateral branches. The plant to develop evenly, it rotate the different parties to the light.

When side branches reach the desired length, pinch them, too. Thus form a beautiful houseplant.

From Bush begonias, also when reaching a certain height, pinch out the tip to cause the growth of side shoots, which when reaching the desired length of cut.

For the formation of plants, the inner in a timely manner, remove the stems, usually at the beginning of growth, while they are young.

Blooming flowers, starting with a two-year-old age, cut in spring, two weeks before the transplant.

Pruning potted plants is carried out with pruning shears or a sharp knife to the cut surface were completely smooth, which it is necessary to sprinkle powdered charcoal. All the slices make over the kidney.

Pruning of plants begin to dry and weak branches, so as not to damage healthy, then remove the stems to the inside of the crown.

Leave from 3 to 10 strong and healthy shoots that are pruned by one-third the length. Thus watch, that the top Bud was sent out.

The rejuvenation is carried out in plants with bare stems and leaves were only at the top. In this case, cut the old part of the flower, leaving small stumps, up to 7 cm.

This plant is often sprayed with water from a spray bottle and cover from direct sunlight. Some time after trimming needs to develop new shoots from the bottom or dormant buds.

As regrowth plant form, exposing the pinching and pruning.

To carry out or not carry out pruning plants decide in the beginning while it’s still young, when there is a question, grow as a Bush or standard trees and so on. Tall plants need support.

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