Nidulyarium — care at home


Even in summer, when the foliage around rage parks and forests, you can surprise your guests an amazing tree.

It among the many green leaves as birds ‘ nests hiding magical flowers.

Bright and mysterious, surrounded by a reddened the tips of the thick leaves, they really like adorable bullfinches, mistakenly arrived in the summer.

Only such a tree is not growing. It is necessary to create in the form of a sound composition on the basis stemless epiphytic plant from the Bromeliad family, Nidulyarium.

The flower name comes from the Latin word nidus, or nest. This is due to its location inside the Cup-shaped rosette of leaves.

Using advice on growing plants, kind of an unusual tree, you can amaze not only the guests but also passersby.

Nidulyarium in the home — care tips


Location and lighting

For good growth of Nidularium required bright ambient light without the rays of the midday sun. It can grow in shade, partial shade, but does not form flower buds, so you can’t create a floral tree.

So, white petals «Nidularium bilbergiya» purple, variety «brilliant» or «purple» with red petals will show all their brightness, and are pale.

It is best to place a pot of flowers on the Windows on the East or West side of the apartment. Sometimes when grown in the North window it is necessary to create additional lighting with installed at a distance of 30 cm fluorescent lights.

To make shiny the leaves looked cool, wipe them with a damp cloth. To use a special formula containing wax is not desirable.


In summer the ideal temperature is 20-25°C,winter 15 to 18°C. the rest Period of plants lasts from October to March.

Watering and humidity

When watering the water is poured into the center of the outlet. During the rest period, the need for frequent spraying. It is especially important to maintain the humidity of the atmosphere at the level of 70-80% in the winter after turning on the heating equipment.

For this, you can put the pot on a tray of damp moss or expanded clay.


In the period of active growth the plants need fertilizer once a month. Is the best fertilizer for bromeliads.

Particular care should fertilizer nitrogen. From its excess, the plant may die quickly.

Transplantation and propagation

The main method of reproduction is seed Nidularium. Appeared, prick out the seedlings after 3 months in individual pots with good drainage in the soil for bromeliads. Blooming plant on the 4-th year.

After flowering at the base of the socket, awakening the kidney regeneration. Grow descendants, which are good to use for breeding.

After separation from the parent stem and planting in the prepared substrate, they construct a micro greenhouse film.

After rooting the plants carefully and gradually accustomed to the development in a normal atmosphere. Them in the future

Nidulyarium care

sent to set the pot resistance and form a magical tree.

Bloom she is two years earlier than in seed breeding. The main thing is to create all necessary conditions and to prevent waterlogged soil.

The natural death of all leaves only after flowering. Proper care and care about this magic tree grown in your home will allow you to enjoy them on the background of the usual leaves of lime trees, maples, chestnuts.

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